2019 Game 77: St. Paul Gophers vs. Kansas City Monarchs

Starting Lineups

Yesterday the Twins became the first American League team this season to win 50 games. Despite the recent rough patch the team has been going through, they've managed to maintain their status as the best team in the league and the distinction of not losing more than two games at a stretch. And it's not like we didn't all feel some regression to the mean creeping up on us. Odorizzi wasn't going to keep throwing endless shutout innings. The lineup couldn't keep scoring more than six runs with a couple of dingers every game. The bullpen has only so much smoke and so many mirrors. Guys are going to get banged up and go on the IL, sometimes when they've been riding a hot streak. That's the nature of a six month long season, ebbs and flows, high and lows, strikes and gutters. So yes, some ass-bats have been sneaking into the bat rack. Some gloves and arms have been temporarily cursed. There's been a higher than normal level of cerebral flatulence. But I think the Twins have shown remarkable resilience all year and will continue to do so, and we've seen a big enough sample now to know this is a good team with a good chance to make some postseason noise.

The Twins send Michael Pineda to the hill today to try to nail down the series win in this four-game set. He has not been horrible lately. In his last two starts he's thrown 11.2 innings and given up just two runs on seven hits. Homer Bailey will try to salvage a series split for the Royals. He's been a hot arm recently, throwing 13.2 shutout innings while giving up just seven hits in his last two outings. I feel like Polanco is due, so he's my stick to click pick today. Play ball!

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      1. The helmet is ahistorical, of course, but I suppose it's the best they can do without being incongruous. I wonder what it would look like with the colors reversed...

        The StPG caps the Twins are wearing bother me more, since they could actually be done right. The structured crown and long, stiff brim of the 5950 are simply wrong, but MLB apparently can't get New Era to make real caps, and won't ask Ebbets Field Flannels to do it for them.

        1. Oh don't get me wrong, the helmets are interesting in a good way and I definitely love them. In fact, the royals should definitely bring this uniform back as a regular one.

        2. They might have been better off just leaving the hats white with now letters. It looks particularly bad in contrast with the lettering on the jersey.

    1. I've got the KC broadcast today. Bob Kendrick, president of the Negro Leagues HOF & Museum, is on. He's quite nice to listen to.

      The museum itself was a highlight from my trip to KC last summer. Just packed with amazing stories.

  1. Fun N. L. fact - the KC Monarchs were the first team to use portable lighting to play at night, long before any team in the majors.

  2. With all due respect to the Negro Leagues (and I mean that--I truly do have a lot of respect for them), I hate it when they do an interview on the radio and I have to just guess at what might be going on in the game.

    1. Striking that balance is really tough for radio. Unfortunately it seems to go wrong far too often.

      1. I think a lot of it depends on the person being interviewed. If they're aware enough to stop talking when the pitch is thrown, the broadcaster can let you know what happened. If they just keep going on and on it's hard, because the broadcaster understandably doesn't want to interrupt his guest.

    2. It was kind of funny when Provus said, while approving of the uniforms on display today, "If you're watching the game, but have the radio on..."

  3. Twins batters have sure made some average starting pitchers look like superstars lately.

    1. It seems like it's become standard to credit/blame pitch framing when the plate umpire misses one. Framing is important, unfortunately, but sometimes the ump just misses one no matter what the catcher does.

      1. Yea, I'm watching on radio, but Dazz was pretty critical. I believe he said something to the effect of "that was terrible catching by Maldonado...."

  4. Eddie, the announcers always tell me you love these situations, so make the most of it.

    1. What's amazing is that we've won four of the six games we've played against them recently.

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