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2021 Game 158: Detroit Tigers at Minnesota Twins

Casey Mize
Michael Pineda

My first projection post had FanGraphs predicting the Twins to finish at 79-83 while Pythag had them at 69-93. They reached 70 wins yesterday to finally surpass Pythag's prediction from four months ago but FanGraphs' prediction is unreachable.

I tried again two weeks later and had a rosier Pythag prediction of 75 wins. That is technically possible but I doubt the Twins are done losing this season.

Game 19: pirates @ twins

So, what exactly happened since my last game log?

Let's see, back in those days, the team was 5-2. That Saturday was the start of a 5 game losing steak and a stretch of maybe the most frustrating baseball the Twins have played under Rocco. I've long been interested in what, exactly, Rocco"s response would be to an extended cold streak. So far, the word is "stay the course". Hopefully that's enough. Continue reading Game 19: pirates @ twins

Happy Birthday–January 18

Eddie Moore (1899)
Danny Kaye (1913)
Mike Fornieles (1932)
Chuck Cottier (1936)
Satch Davidson (1936)
Curt Flood (1938)
Carl Morton (1944)
Billy Grabarkewitz (1946)
Sachio Kinugasa (1947)
Scott McGregor (1954)
Dave Geisel (1955)
Brady Anderson (1964)
Mike Lieberthal (1972)
Wandy Rodriguez (1979)
Michael Pineda (1989)

Entertainer Danny Kaye was one of the original owners of the Seattle Mariners.

Satch Davidson was a National League umpire from 1969-1984.

Sachio Kinusaga played in 2,215 games in Japan from 1970-1987.

Six players born on this day made their major league debuts in 2017:  Jaycob Brugman, Max Fried, Jarlin Garcia, Kyle Martin, Alex Mejia, and Gift Ngoepe.  I don't know, but I suspect this may be a record.

We would also like to wish a happy birthday to Scot's oldest son.

Continue reading Happy Birthday–January 18

Game the Penultimate: Reds @ Twins

We're almost to the end of this nutty season.

I had a lot of skepticism at the onset that this season was wise or even possible to complete. Credit where it's due: they did it. Sixty (or in some cases, very nearly sixty) games in the books. Weird books, they are, too. The Orioles were in contention until a couple of weeks ago. The freaking MARLINS actually made the playoffs.

Some people will undoubtedly dismiss this season as a freak show -- an exhibition that shouldn't have happened, or one that in some way counts for less than a normal, full, 162 game season.

Not me, though.

Old favorite Ervin Santana utilizes his Twitter feed to encourage everyone to #SMELLBASEBALL. To feel it. To let it deep into your bones. In July, I was skeptical, but man... This year, I smelled baseball.

I don't know what happens from here. There's reason for optimism, there's reason for pessimism. For now, we get a chance to dwell on the best sport there is.

Go Twins!