37 thoughts on “July 17, 2019: BB”

  1. Captain Cheeseburger caused benches to clear in New York yesterday because he didn't like the way Avisail Garcia was taking off his shin guard after being called out on strikes to end an inning. In case you were wondering if this could get any stupider, the answer is yes. It only happened because Phil Cuzzi shockingly blew the call and rung Garcia up on a pitch outside.

  2. Heading up for the game today. Hopefully the rain holds off and they get it in as scheduled.

    I'll take Cruz - he's gonna be making up for last night, I think.

    1. I'll be running errands at lunch, but I'm certain that today is going to be Cron'd

      (looks like any rain will be through quickly and the real stuff later on; still, score early and often, boys!)

  3. I got to play real life CSI: Duryea PA over the weekend. The Little One found a digital camera at the top of the slide at the playground we'd stopped at. My wife and I debated whether we should just put it back and hope someone comes looking for it or try to be more proactive. We judged from the camera roll and the fact it was an older model that it was probably a kid’s that they’d been given for fun, and we decided to try to get it back to them.

    First try was finding a picture of the kid and mom and then showing it to the gentleman gardening across the street. He didn’t recognize them – we were hoping for "Oh yeah, that’s Jenny. She’s that house there." So I started digging for clues.

    I went through the pictures and found :
    *A white house with a brick office building w/ black trim windows in the background (which I was 50/50 I thought I recognized)
    *A picture of the street with a silver van and black SUV parked
    *A picture of the road where one of the street signs I could barely make out (it’s lucky it was our old neighborhood, the name was able to ring a bell. Somewhere else and I would have been less likely to make out the letters)

    Armed with our information, we drove to the road, which was only 2 blocks over (I took that as a good sign) and started driving around. We were able to find a white house with the right cars out front and a bunch of kids’ toys strewn about the front yard. I knocked on the door, and immediately recognized the lady from the pictures. She was very grateful we were able to get it back to her, though a little confused as to how we did it.

    I was pumped, I felt so good for a) getting that little girl her camera back and b) feeling really smart.

  4. Big news: I moved the ginger beer I made to the fridge today. I'm hoping to give it a whirl tomorrow in a mule.

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