2019 Game 127: Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins

Lucas Giolito
Jake Odorizzi

The Twins now have four-way tie at 244 home runs. Giolito made his contribution in July by giving up four home runs, including three to Cruz. If the Twins get two more home runs, they enter into the top ten all time. It's time for Giolito to help the Twins move up the rankings again.

34 thoughts on “2019 Game 127: Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins”

  1. My wife is at the game today. Hope they at least make it interesting ... make Giolito throw more than 7 pitches in an inning.

      1. It was at least a gorgeous day to be sitting outside and not working for 3 or so hours...

  2. So I'm just got here and am checking Gameday to see how the White Sox scored their runs. An error and a wild pitch led to two runs in the first. They scored one in the third when "Jose Abreu singles on a popup to second baseman Jonathan Schoop". I don't understand that, but I assume it was a misplay of some sort. In the fifth a run scored on yet another pitch to the backstop. Again, I just got here, so I could be wrong, but it looks to me like this should be a 0-0 game.

      1. The radio broadcast has indicated that, too. But if you don't give the other team extra outs and free bases, those weak hits don't hurt you as much. Sometimes you contribute to your own bad luck.

  3. Cory: "The Twins have yet to homer today."

    Yeah, I'd guessed that from the zero in the runs column.

  4. Second shutout by a White Sox starter, both by Giolito. That's their fifth complete game, tied with Cleveland for first. The Twins have zero of both.

  5. Dazzle says the long innings in the field put the Twins offense to sleep. That has to be one of the lamest excuses I've ever heard.

  6. Giolito was really good today. I actually feel worse about the 15-hit loss on Monday. They jumped on a guy for a couple of first inning runs, who’d come in having given up 2 earned runs in like 37 innings, but just couldn’t find a way to string enough offense together to be better than Gibson’s mediocrity.

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