March 9, 2020: Plunged Into Darkness

I had been doing a good job getting the family up and moving earlier in the morning, but I have a feeling daylight savings is going to screw with my system...

11 thoughts on “March 9, 2020: Plunged Into Darkness”

  1. The peperoncino has always been weirdly great at making time change transitions with zero problems since the time he was a baby. It's an odd talent, but I'll take it.

    The jalapeno did his first sleepover at a friend's house on Saturday night and then spent a lot of Sunday playing basketball outside, so he had no problem going to bed an hour "earlier" last night.

    And I did something so completely and utterly draining all day on Saturday that I was only too happy to sleep afterward. Exhaustion for the win!

        1. My dad (who loves following the stock market) emailed me to let me know he's putting in some buy orders today. Buy low!

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