July 7, 2020: Hopefully It Reaches The Eyes

Does everyone still smile at people even though you're wearing a mask? I always feel a little silly when I do it, but I don't really want to stop.

13 thoughts on “July 7, 2020: Hopefully It Reaches The Eyes”

  1. Is home field advantage going to matter much this season with no fans in the stands? I guess it will in extra innings, but otherwise with everyone in the central time zone it's not like there will be jet lag or other debilitating factors.* This of course assuming the season gets played.

    *including "flu-like symptoms"

          1. I mean spam free, ad free, duck duck go search ... I'm sure there is something wrong with this browser, but I know there is something wrong with safari and googles.

              1. Chrome and Chrome-derived browsers do require more RAM, but there isn't a huge gap. There are ways to reduce memory use and the most effective methods are to block ads and trackers. But, the web these days eats memory.

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