18 thoughts on “September 18, 2020: The Fault In Our Stars”

  1. On the NHL front - as a Vegas Knights fan Im left wondering what the hell happened.

    Up 3-1 on Vancouver and then finish 2-6 with something like 2,863 shots on goal per game but only 3 goals (2 empty netters in game 7 excluded) to show for it.

    I am not sure how much of that is a "hot goalie" issue and how much of it is a "not waiting to take a better shot and just firing low % to score easy to save shots" issue.

  2. Ludicrous stat my brother just passed to me: Gerrit Cole has at least one strikeout in 73 consecutive innings. The closest to that that’s been found thus far is Pedro with 43.

    1. My initial objection is that a pies are toast, tacos, quiche, and calzones, and that whether you slice certain things changes what they are. The absolute structure of this system has, ironically, led to absolute absurdism.

      1. The best part to me is that eating half a burrito or taking a bite from a corn dog moves it from the "calzone" category to the "bread bowl" category, which means nothing because the initial category was also wholly nonsensical!

        Absolute absurdism at its finest!

    2. Cube rule is grossly, internally inconsistent!

      How can mashed potatoes be "salad", based on the location of the starch component? Mashed potatoes clearly are "toast". What do they think mashed potatoes are if not starch?

      The plate of spaghetti with sauce is more difficult. Should the spaghetti be classified like croutons in a tossed salad? If the sauce is ladled on top of the pasta, it's toast again, but if tossed/married with the pasta, potentially salad.

      1. I don't think it's about starch but structural element. A baked potato would be a soup bowl while mashed potatoes are a salad.

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