44 thoughts on “October 9, 2020: Look In Your Heart”

      1. I was never a big James Bond franchise fan. Last night we watched Die Another Day with my son (who had control of the remote). I just struggle with the "everyone woman is willing to sleep with him at first sight" aspect of these movies.

    1. There are times I really wish I'd studied more math/stats/data science (before it was really a thing) to have a chance at these sorts of opportunities, but I think that's more a fantasy than a reality. It sounds cool "I work for the Twins!" but really probably not all that.

          1. Clerks is the best movie ever made, though it's in close running with Donnie Darko. Both have excellent acting, which makes sense because directing and writing are overrated anyway.

    2. Qualifications


      College Senior or postgraduate only
      Advance knowledge statistical fundamentals (basic probability, linear regression) and numerical computing (R, Python, Matlab)
      Must have a solid understanding of baseball
      Excellent written and verbal communication skills
      Penchant for explaining technical solutions to a non-technical audience
      Ability to lift items weighing as much as 35 pounds

      Emphasis mine. Something tells me they're looking to get a number cruncher on the cheap.

      Also love the bit about a penchant to explain.

      1. What fascinates me is the fact that it was a relative quickie for them as they tirelessly worked to get Barton Fink where they needed it to be. They took a break from filmmaking to make a film, and this was it.

  1. RIP Whitey Ford.

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