10 thoughts on “October 15, 2020: Cleaning House”

    1. A couple days ago, I made that gochujang chicken and roast vegetables. Those vegetables were awesome. The kids didn't touch the veggies because they looked too spicy (and they probably were too spicy for them, and probably spicer than my wife would have preferred), but I loved them. So, thanks.

        1. I’m eating the leftover squash and carrots right now for lunch. Though heeding you’re warning, my sandwich is with chicken breast I smoked instead of the gochujang chicken. Winner all around.

  1. Went back to the optometrist today after noticing a ghost double image in my left eye with the new glasses when I look at large font on the TV; turns out I will have cataract surgery somewhere way off in my future. Meanwhile, I've got the David Bowie / Max Scherzer look going on, and it looks pretty freaky in the mirror.

    1. But also I want to hang out with Dusty Baker

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