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  1. I know there's been a couple of posts about the Utah "monolith" but this is a pretty good one from a reporter in SLC that went there after it was discovered, and then two days later after it disappeared -- with a couple of good photos. Definitely man made (not that anyone was arguing differently). (Sorry, article may be paywalled)


    I also got a kick out of a NYT article this weekend where they speculated that it was done by a artist who had died in 2012. This a day after maps sleuths had discovered where it was and could see via google maps that it had been placed sometime between 2015 and 2016. There was a paragraph, near the end of the article - plainly tacked on - that mentions this, but then article wraps up by discussing this dead artist and his antics.

  2. Steve Raichlen recently posted a tribute to one of his longtime crew members, which featured a recipe for a boneless rib sandwich.

    It involved smoking then steaming a rack so that the rib bones could be pulled out, then putting the whole, deboned portion on a sandwich, a la the McRib, but good.

  3. I'm seeing a lot of baseball folks talking about/responding to this recent Dan Hayes article about Johan Santana and how the 2005 Cy Young could have changed his Hall of Fame chances.

    More than anything, reading it took me back to just how fun it was watching Johan on the mound in person. Luckily, his dominance overlapped with my ability to go to a lot of games thanks to no kids and dirt-cheap Metrodome ticket prices. If he was on the mound, my former wife and I would do everything we could to go watch, you knew you were watching greatness.

      1. When I was in grad school, my office mate and I were talking about the Angels vs. Twins game for that day, since he grew up here in California as an Angels fan. When we realized Johan was pitching in a day game, we decided to skip work and go to the game instead. We picked up Del Taco on the way, since Angels Stadium lets you bring in your own food. Then when we got there, we found someone on the street selling a VIP parking pass for $5 (which is cheaper than regular parking). Then, while waiting in line at the ticket booth, someone walked up and gave us 2 tickets for free. He had extras, and didn't want to deal with selling them. They were better seats than we would have paid for, too.

        So, for two tickets, parking, and food, we spent a grand total of $12 to spend a day in the sun watching an all-timer pitch. That was a pretty sweet day all around.

        1. Had a similar experience in Baltimore. Met up with a friend and we decided to grab dinner first (crab cakes!) since we didn't want to pay at the ball park. Waitress walked back and said "some guy just dropped off tickets, if anyone wants them." We took them, and watched Santana pitch from about 6 rows behind home plate.

          1. Sheenie and I were handed tickets to a game at Newest Busch Stadium about three rows about the visitor's dugout the year it opened. We also were given seats right next to the penalty box for a Caps-Bruins game once. I was given a seat in the Dugout Club a couple of years ago to a Twins-Rangers game when the rest of the family was out of town, so I headed down to Target Field alone and I was the first "loner" that a Twins staffer who had been handed a ticket saw.

            1. The best free tickets I ever got were at Target field. I was standing with some friends near the season ticket booth when a representative asked how many of us there were and whether we'd like an upgrade. The tickets turned out to be Pohlad family seats that they weren't using. We got free food and drinks in the Champions Club and you could hear Molitor barking at the ump just feet away. I wouldn't pay full price to go to a game in those seats ordinarily, but for a special occasion or a steep discount on StubHub, I'd definitely do it again.

              1. We did once get free* tickets through Children's Hospital, in the Mauer and Morneau suite. Apparently the two of them bought a suite - programs, food, etc. - all complimentary - and donated it to charity every game. Not quite as close to the field as that game in Baltimore, but a pretty good set-up.

                * It was because our daughter had a pretty serious issue and corresponding surgery when she was an infant, so it was paid for in a different way.

              2. It seems weird to say that Champions Club tickets are a "value" but if you compare them to the best seats for hockey, football, or basketball, they really aren't that bad. Not that I'd spend that much unless it was a special occasion.

        2. I paid $57 in 1999(!!!) to get a ticket behind the plate about 6 rows up in Arizona (a single ticket -- if you go to an event alone, the best seat available can be pretty good). Starting pitcher that night for the D-Backs? Randy Johnson. It was the most incredible baseball experience of my life. Dude's throwing 90 MPH breaking balls. They were playing the Cubs and Chicago didn't have a chance. Johnson even doubled off the centerfield wall(!!!). The one mistake that he made was to Sammy Sosa, who hit it about 500 feet.

          I felt like I should have paid again on the way out, as the old joke goes.

  4. A guy at the card shop the other day threw out an intriguing question to us: name the HR leader for during US President's time in office. I also saw the recent list of five top seasons by a Minnesota Twin position player, and would have been able to name the top four, although #5 didn't surprise me.

  5. I’ve had two murderously good sandwiches this week —> ham and Brie + fig jam yesterday and today’s thinly sliced green apple, ham, arugula, mayo and caramelized onion cheddar (both on soft French loaf). Problem is that I’m making these at 730 am to eat at noon, and the crispness of the apple is lost (flavor is there but texture ... not so much).

    I think I hit peak sandwich. Ploughman’s lunches here we come.

  6. Some of you all ready saw this on the book of face, but Mrs. A came through her knee replacement surgery very well. It was same-day surgery due to COVID concerns, but really, other than monitoring her, I doubt they would've done anything for her in the hospital that we couldn't do at home. She is already able to move about the house well with a walker. She has pain, of course, and will for a while, but she's doing very well. Thanks for all of your prayers and concern.

  7. according to most of the Twins related blue check marked Twitter users Eddie Rosario will be non tendered tomorrow. I think I'm ok with that. Entertaining player for sure, but got to make way with the younger crowd.

    I bet he ends up in Miami reunited with James Rowson.

      1. Gleeman noted they've trid traded him for the last 2 offseason to no avail. Maybe they've tried Sano too and no one wants him.

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