24 thoughts on “January 21, 2021: Happ-y”

  1. My favorite parts of last night were the performance by the Black Pumas (I'd never heard of them before) and the kid from the convention who struggles with a stutter reciting JFK's inaugural address. I didn't catch all the afternoon's events, but it sounds like I need to check out a performance by a young poet.

  2. Last night I couldn’t enjoy history because I was busy with my first colonoscopy. My brother also did his, and is now in the hospital getting burn treatment from a technically botched procedure. Ah, aging!

    Also, thanks to those who reached out as I’ve been absent. Life has been a lot.

  3. Speaking of me and DPWY somehow both being at the Twins @ Orioles on 8/6/2002, weren't several of us at a doubleheader at the Dome against the A's(?) with a very long break between the games where the entertainment was a dog agility show thing?

    1. I also think a bunch of us were at that Twins-Braves game at the dome where the Twins rocked Greg Maddox in the first two innings, Braves caught up, went to extra innings and there was a nasty thunderstorm outside.

  4. I should probably save for a book day, but let's see if this works. I'm looking for a couple recommendations.

    I'm going to head off now to do my own research…

    1) Something about WWI. I'm steeped in WWII knowledge / media, but don't have a lot of WWI in my brain. I'm looking for something overviewish. Engaging and relatively succinct.

    2) Something about the history of Kenya. I have a new brother-in-law who was born in Kenya, emigrated to Canada as a teen, and went to university in the U.S. (as well as living here now). It would be nice to learn more about the history of his country as a counterbalance for my certain assumption that he knows (or cares) about the history of the U.S.

    Of to do some of my own research…

      1. This is considered one of the better WWI books by a real historian who though writes for a broader audience. 600 pages about, so not sure if that is considered succint.

        1. That was going to be my starter suggestion. If you want a deep, deep dive into how the foreign policies of Germany and the UK led to the war, then Dreadnought by Robert Massie is outstanding (but doesn't really cover the actual war).

    1. This is the one I made

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