February 19, 2021: To The Nines

Hands up, almost one year into the lockdown, do you still dress yourself in a presentable manner to sit around the house? I've seen things claiming that it's mentally healthy to dress and take care of yourself every day, but gotta admit, my collection of pajama pants has skyrocketed these past months.

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  1. I've telecommuted almost 18 years now: the only change during the lockdown is that two days of the week I get dressed before StarLeaf video calls, otherwise if I get caught up in work it might be 10 or 11 o'clock before getting dressed for the day. Haircuts, on the other hand*...

    *Mrs. Runner: "Hey, I didn't know your hair was so wavy."

    1. Eleven months without a haircut and counting. I'm getting pretty shaggy. I would say this as someone who has worked from home about 50% of the time for 10 years prior to the pandemic. Not going anywhere for months and months is hard on the wfh situation. Sometimes I need to leave the office, know what I mean?

      1. I've had a haircut every six weeks. The good Dr. has become pretty adept with the clippers. I've cut her hair almost as often. I'm thrilled we purchased that last clippers at target March of 2020.

        1. Pre-vid I gave myself haircuts, but I figured this was a good time to see what would happen if I grew my hair (and beard) long. Its kind of a pain in the ass in terms of daily maintenance but I think I like it.

          1. I kind of like the hair. We will see what happens. I *could* go get a haircut, I suppose, but after 11 months of playing it safe, why add that risk when the vaccines are coming? It may become my new look. The beard, however, that stays trimmed.

                  1. Your faith was strong but you needed proof
                    You saw her bathing on the roof
                    Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew ya
                    She tied you to a kitchen chair
                    She broke your throne, and she cut your hair
                    And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah

    2. I've invented the COVID shower, where you have to do a Zoom call and don't want bed hair, so you get half the towel soaked, rustle it thru your head till it's soaked, then use the dry half of the towel to fluff it up. Takes a minute. Other areas get like treatment.

  2. Worth noting: LeBron James scored his 35,000th point last night. The Lakers w/o KD lost to the Nets w/o Durant. Regardless, 35K points is an epic milestone. With 42 games left in this shortened season, he could get to 36K points, as well. He's averaging 25.9 points a game and he's played all 30 so far. Assuming (not a safe assumption) he plays all 42 and maintains that average (that's pretty safe, especially with Davis on the shelf), he would end the season with 36,105 points, pulling him within 823 points of Karl Malone and 2,282 of Kareem.

    By contrast, Kevin Durant, probably the best pure scorer of his time, has 23,491 points and LeBron isn't even 4 years older than him. But, you say, Durant has missed a ton of games because of injury. Yes, exactly. Steph Curry, another tremendous scorer, has 17,288 points and is almost a year older than Durant. Not taking away from those guys, even a little. They are great, great players, easy first ballot HOFers right now, and inner circle guys. But, what LeBron has compiled in his career is mind boggling. Also, LeBron is averaging almost a full assist a game more than Curry, a point guard, and more than three assists a game more than Durant.

    1. Lakers w/o AD, you meant.

      I watched much of the game. Or rather, it was playing on my tv. I had a hard time focusing attention on it, as the Lakers really were never in it after the first quarter or so.

      Watching the postgame with Ernie and the gang, they "debated" quite a bit about whether the Nets were championship material. Lots of complaints about their limitations on the boards and defensively, while acknowledging that they have a superior offensive arsenal with the "small three" of Harden, KD and Kyrie.

      I think I agree with some of that critique. KD was great with Golden State in significant part because of Steph and Klay and the team DNA to move the ball. But also because GS played really, really, really good team defense. I'm not sure that the Nets are capable of that on a sustained basis. DeAndre Jordan is basically the only regular with a significantly above-average defensive rating (e.g., DBPM). Andre Roberson might be able to help on that front if he is finally healthy , but it will be tough to get him minutes, given that Harden, KD and Kyrie are all perimeter players.

      I have high hopes for Philly this year. Doc seems reenergized by getting away from the Clippers, Joel Embiid is playing at a very high level, with a ton of help from Tobias Harris and Ben Simmons, and they play good defense. The rest of the East is a cypher so far, however, with Boston and Milwaukee barely treading water above .500.

    2. specifically on Lebron, yes, obviously, he is the greatest player of his generation and probably of all time.


      And he has played 1,295 games in his career, stretching back to his age-19 season (now in his 18th season), ~430 more than Durant and ~560 more than Curry. By the end of this season, barring injury, he will rank 16th all-time in games played. He has been an iron man his whole career, with 16 seasons (and counting) in the top 20 in minutes played. He's currently 7th all-time in minutes (compared to 24th in games). That is ridiculous.

      At his current pace of ~2,500 minutes per season, he should hit 3rd all-time next season, with an outside shot at reaching Karl Malone in second. Right now, he's about 8,000 minutes behind Kareem, so he'd need to stay on his current pace well into his age-39 season. That seems unlikely, but I wouldn't put it past him if he decided he wants ALL the records.

      1. He's 7,886 minutes behind Kareem. Assuming he passes him, and giving him 2021 minutes per game and points per game, both at or near career lows, that's another 228 games and 5905 points. That would put him at nearly 41k points. Unrealistic to assume he'll maintain 25 points per game indefinitely, but even 20 points/game puts him only a game or two shy of 40k.

  3. I havent had a hair cut since March 4. I certainly need (and will need one once golf season kicks in) on but I will hold out a few more weeks and make it a full year.

    1. I'm not sure the exact date of my last hair cut, but it was between March 3 and March 9 somewhere. I did not put it on my calendar, but I know I was in Bismarck when it happened.

      1. I like going to a "real" barber, as they are licensed to use the straight edge razor, and clean up nicely on the neck and around the ears.

        During COVID, I've been trying to do that myself with my Gillette Fusion 5 razor, but it's hard as the hair clogs up the blades right away I find it impossible to use a hand-held mirror to do anything in the back so just try it by feel. It's gotta look like trench warfare back there.

        1. The other day I was cooking breakfast and there was this annoying tickle on the left side of my neck. I assumed it was a thread from the beaten tshirt I was wearing, and having finally located the thread I pulled on it only to a quick stabbing pain in my neck. When I pulled the offending thread out I found it to be 3 hairs that were probably 6 or more inches long. Turns out my barber hasn't been cleaning up my neck line for approximately 11 months.

  4. For the first few weeks of lockdown I wore my "weekend clothes" of sloppy jeans and t-shirts, spent zero time on my appearance, etc. And I felt awful.

    So now I wear nice-ish clothes on work days, though not long trousers because they drag on the floor unless I'm wearing a shoe with a heel. Lots of sweaters and jeans at the moment. Sometimes a dress or skirt for the heck of it.

    I haven't had a haircut for about 6 months, so I'm thinking I'll schedule one soon, but I'm in a rather different boat from the rest of y'all in that regard...

    1. I have not worn a pair of pants with a zipper since March 12th. I do believe I will make it one year with that holding true. I have purchased several pairs of sweatpants in the last year. Gonna take some getting used to when I finally end that streak.

      When I used to work from home half time, I would often not get dressed, just wear pajamas all day. But I do get dressed now. Wool socks are a must in the basement during the winter and I do a fair number of video calls, so pjs are not gonna cut it. But, sweat pants and sweat shirts are the rule.

  5. Back when I still had a commute, I’d switch over from work attire (jeans, a buttoned shirt/polo/sweater, depending on season) after getting home. Now, I generally wear my work clothes until after the Poissonnière goes to bed, then switch over into loungewear. It helps emphasize the transition of the day. Amazingly, losing weight will also make your everyday clothes seem a lot more comfortable...until you need smaller sizes.

    My major addition in the last few months is a merino wool toque, which has helped keep the chill off my grape. I like the look, so it might stay a thing until the weather gets too warm. (No, my brothers’ names aren’t Darryl & Darryl...) Temps down in the basement have been pretty cold the last few weeks, so I’ve added a merino buff around my neck.

  6. When I went full remote four years ago, I did stop dressing differently, but my non-work attire was still jeans and a shirt. The pandemic didn't change a thing with my ingrained habits.

    I recently guessed I've been cutting my own hair for over 12 years so there was zero change in that regard for me. The wife and kids still had others cut their hair before. It took some coaxing, but we've trimmed all three at home a couple of times. That's saved some considerable cash such that they might not go back for a while. The wife meanwhile has opted for some large styling changes and decided to do it herself until she figures out what she wants. The availability of the clippers has allowed her to tweak things whenever she feels like it and I doubt she will give up that freedom any time soon. I'm happy with the heavier wallet.

  7. Speaking of COVID, we are seeing a dramatic drop in 7-day average cases and 7-day average deaths really for the first time in both the U.S. and the world, so I think we're starting to see the vaccine effects. Cases have dropped steadily since about Jan. 10 or 11. Active cases in the U.S. are starting to drop really for the first time, which means there have been more recoveries/deaths than new cases reported over the last week or so. Serious/critical cases in the U.S. are down about 1/3 of their peak from about a month ago.

    1. Hopefully, this is the case. There's also, I've read, the possibility that most of the people who are most likely to get it due to their circumstances have gotten it, thereby slowing the growth as well. IOW, both factors are working to lower the number of new cases. However, I'm concerned that variations, which apparently can get to people who have had Covid already and are not vaccinated could cause one more big spike before it's all over. Hopefully that fear is unfounded.

      1. I have been working on and sharing my theory that there are different R-naught subsets of the population, and that most of the DGAFers with the high R-naught are getting into the herd immunity zone. There's a segment of population like my shut-in-laws where there is virtually no exposure or transmission; another segment like us, taking all the precautions and mostly home but still existing in society, that has some exposure but lower likelihood of transmission; another segment of essential and other workers in the R-naught=1 range getting exposure that may present an ongoing low-level stream of infections, etc.
        Without vaccines but maintaining current protective posture, I think you'd see a steady-state of lower cases that would drag on for a long time. With vaccines, God-willing, it dwindles much sooner.

  8. I've been in steady-state hoodie-mode since working at home with COVID. I wore out Vanderbilt, MIT, Moustache Run, and am currently wearing out Columbia. I just ordered a hoodie from Cornell university bookstore on Wednesday.

    1. Larnach being kind of divisive in these rankings is interesting to me. People rank on whatever, but he seems to be the outlier on this account for the twins.

      1. I think Keith Law is the only one that I've seen that hasn't ranked him in the Top 50, and Law doesn't have him even close to the Top 100. On his B-Ref page, BA, MLB and BP all had Larnach at least 85th before last season.

  9. I still shower and get dressed. I've been remote for a long time ... 2012ish? I dunno. I went through a phase of sweats for a couple of months and I was coming from commuting in a suit on WMATA so ymmv, but I settled quickly on North Face/Marmot/Whatever short sleeved hiking shirt and Uniqlo/Levis recycled bottle jeans. I also wear shoes which is a weird touch point maybe.

    My coworking spaces closing/on lockdown over the past couple of years has been a bigger thing. Cabin fever yo. Being too cold for the dog to come along for a walk is a gut punch.

  10. Who boy, I bought a fresno pepper to add a bit of kick for a dish and decided to try it out before adding to the pot. I'm glad I did because I saw the threads of the universe and howled out the names of dead pets at the scalding, scorching heat that developed inside my pie hole. Holy god. By far the hottest pepper I've ever tasted, and I'm not spice adverse in the least.

          1. Yeah, that's the funny part. I've eaten raw and roasted habaneros, and love the sweet potato habanero hot sauces popular down south. I've also eaten raw tabasco on Avery Island, and had the McIlhenny's family secret vinegar and green pepper hot sauce many times all of which should eclipse the 10k scoville rating of the fresno. What I had was other worldly hot. Had I known I'd of bottled it up and sold it on the black market as a cheap high.

    1. I haven't see much of the Wolves, but I decided to get rid of live TV because I was the only one using it and not much at that, so I'm trying a month of NBA League Pass. I watched the second half of the Wolves game tonight. That dunk was insane. From what little I've seen of Ant, he seems like a really easy guy to cheer for.

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