47 thoughts on “May 7, 2021: Kitchenless”

    1. We did a big major remodel and addition last year, and were without a kitchen for a little over 4 months, starting in February 2020. So, right before COVID lockdowns. Not good timing.

      Being without a kitchen was a pain, but I dealt with it. The first week or two were the worst, but it became a little bit easier once I got more used to it. Between grilling, an Instant pot, an air fryer, and a propane camp stove, I was able to cook a pretty good variety of foods. All prep work took longer and was more annoying, in part because of the walking back and forth between the fridge in the garage, pantry items bins in the living room, dishes upstairs by the bedrooms, and the heat sources either outside or scattered around the unfinished rooms.

      Doing dishes in the bathroom sink was also a pain. We bought two basic wash bins that made that process much easier, since the bathroom sink was so much smaller. That was definitely a worthwhile purchase.

      1. we did a minor remodel last year and were without a kitchen for a week or two. PITA, but nothing like four months. Holy crap, Mike! That's rough.

        1. Yeah, not a fun experience, but we're happy with the results.

          Really, the unlucky timing was the worst part. We figured we could handle only having the living/dining room and bedrooms available for a while, since everyone would be at work or school all day anyway.

          Until of course all of us started in with school from home. Surprise!

  1. Our first "Minor Details" post since 2019 is up. It's long, covering three days of games, so I don't expect anyone to read it all. But it's sure nice to have games to cover again.

  2. If anyone notices an unusual inability to include images in an LTE, let me know. I reverted my patch in favor of something in the theme that will persist across updates. Assuming I did it right then you won't notice anything. Excuse me, assuming we did it right.

    1. Do I have to move images to a hosting site in order to post them here? If so, what's the go-to source(s) to do that? Can I use Google Drive/Photos?

      1. You can submit them to the site itself. Go to New -> Add Media. Add the photos you want here. Once they are all uploaded, navigate to the Library (check left side it under the Media section). You should see your image(s). Click it to view it and copy the File URL. Then in an LTE, click the "IMG" button, delete the existing text, paste the URL you copied from before in the popup, and click "OK". That should be it.

  3. Following up on yesterday:
    Rogers career with no rest: 4.21 ERA
    Rogers career with at least one day's rest: 2.80 ERA
    Rogers since 2019 with no rest: 6.75 ERA
    Rogers since 2019 with at least one day's rest: 1.90 ERA

  4. So, for you astronomy types, if a booster rocket is falling in my general direction, how much notice would I theoretically have to get out of the way? Like, if they said it would probably land in "Minnesota" I'm probably not going anywhere, but at what point would they be able to say "somewhere in the west metro..." and would I have time to drive east, or just to grab a drink and watch the show?

        1. 09 May 2021 03:53 UTC ± 11 hours

          plus or minus 11 hours is pretty damn big confidence interval.

          How are we supposed to read that chart?

          The current prediction (updated from the image above) has the most likely reentry point located in the Indian Ocean NE of Madagascar by a tick mark, implying a south-of-equator path. I'm feeling a little better about my sleep tonight, I guess.

          1. It's south of the equator at that predicted time, but that plus/minus 11 hours means it really could be just about anywhere. The path on the chart shows all the places it could be within that 22 hour time span. So, it really could be just about anywhere when it actually breaks up.

            Like other low-Earth orbit objects, it completes a full orbit in about 90 minutes. So, even though the predicted time puts it in the Indian Ocean, if it comes down even just 45 minutes earlier, it'll be in the Northeast US instead.

              1. Modeling the density of the upper atmosphere is hard, which makes modeling the drag even harder. Especially if the spacecraft is spinning.

    1. I"ve been to one of these, Roger Maris' grave.

      NORTH DAKOTA: Roger Maris' grave, Fargo (map)

      Maris may be the most famous ballplayer not in the Hall of Fame. Visit Fargo, and you’d think he was the greatest player in history. This is the town where Maris grew up and starred at Shanley High School. Though he doesn’t hold the MLB single-season home run record anymore, he still holds the school’s record for returning four kickoffs for touchdowns in a single game.

      While there’s an impressive Maris museum inside the West Acres Mall, you’ll want to pay your respects to Maris inside the Holy Cross Cemetery. There you’ll find a black diamond tombstone with 61/’61 on it.

      There may be more famous ballplayers than Maris not in the Hall.

      1. I assume you are talking about certain, more recent, Vitamin S snubs...because I don't think Pete Rose is nearly as famous as Maris.

  5. Buxton quickly went from day-to-day to going on the IL for "weeks" according to Baldelli. I hope it's not as bad as Luis Robert's hip injury. Buxton could at least put weight on it when he was taken out. Trevor Larnach called up from St. Paul. So here's his chance to prove Keith Law wrong. I hope they put Kepler in center, otherwise, it will be Jake Cave playing every day, who's been awful.

    1. Buxton has a Grade 2 strain, while Robert's is a Grade 3, so not as bad, but Robert is out 12-16 weeks, so I would say a safe guess would be 6-8 weeks for Buxton. Someone will either have to go on 60-day IL or be removed from the 40-man to be make room for Larnach. No word yet on that. I hope they're not waiting to hear back from specialist for Kirilloff.

  6. Kiriloff got a cortisone shot in his wrist. Twins "hope" this will take care of it. It wasn't stated, but my guess is, if this doesn't work, he'll need surgery and will be out for quite a while.

  7. I think the rocket just passed over our house. Dozens of points in the sky in a perfectly straight line moving crazy fast. Was pretty amazing. Never seen anything like it.

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