16 thoughts on “November 28, 2021: Good Call”

  1. In addition to getting most of the Christmas lights hung yesterday I managed to finally fix a bird feeder and fill the rest. Amazing how quickly those little guys can pick up on the availability of food. Peanut feeder has already been emptied. Twice.

    1. Got the lights hung yesterday (Runner daughter with the assist) and it kills me violating my long held tenet of not putting them up before Thanksgiving, before reminding myself that even though we're having our turkey today, it's not truly Thanksgiving today

      1. Agreed. Now they need to go sign some free agent starters. Who wouldn't want to pitch with Buxton behind them in the outfield for the next seven years?

  2. i'm fine with this.

          1. If he wins an MVP that's minimum $23 million and a maximum of $25.5 million. I'll take a couple of those.

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