38 thoughts on “December 1, 2021: The Twelfth Month”

  1. I didn't see a music post scheduled, so I threw one up. Hope that's cool.

    NM (No worries, I pushed off til later)

    Ok, mine's back-Mags

  2. My resolution was to lose twenty pounds, which I've done. But I did it in five pound increments four times.

    1. I didn't find out about it until June, but mine was to get diabetes under control and I did that!

  3. The Poissonnière indicated her expectation that 01 December would bring snow on the ground. It’s going to hit 50ºF in the People’s Republic today.

    1. As I walked the peperoncino to school this morning (pandemic silver lining--walking to school!), he and I were also talking about the fact that there should be snow now.

      1. While the overall trend in Minnesota is toward warmer, drier winters because of global climate change, the ENSO is now in a La Niña cycle which could bring us a more "normal" Minnesota winter this year - colder and wetter than during the El Niño phase. Since neither the Missus nor I have to commute this winter, I'm okay with whatever nature throws at us.

  4. Here is the answer to the Megill roster shenanigans

    for those that have Reusse blocked

    Why did Twins get RHP Taylor Megill (big arm, needs refinement) Monday & release him Tuesday? Because they can sign him to minor league contract, which allows him to work w/ coaches at Fort Myers complex during lockout -- which only effects 40-man guys

  5. Rough week. A semi-regular guest died over the weekend. A young man who cooked for me about 10 years ago, at my last job, committed suicide. Lastly, one of my best friends is a banker who helped me immensely when it came to setting up my corporation and borrowing me money to survive leaner years. His 23 year old son, who is friends with my son, was found dead. Our families are tight and this is just a horrible, horrible situation. He had recently moved out of state. Potential drug overdose. Devastating to all who knew him. One of the brightest minds and brightest personalities of his age group.

    1. So sorry for your losses, zooms.

      My dad learned Monday that a close friend of his died by suicide. So hard to lose people. Especially hard when it is before their time.

    1. He's 29, has had one good year (which was 2020, so it was really a good two months), two bad years, and a few mediocre ones. He might help a little, or he might not.

  6. Today I invested into the new Minnesota Womens Soccer team (name to be determined). I feel its a better investment in a sports team than buying some fake stock of the Green Bay Packers 😆

      1. I'm thinking of investing too. Perhaps we can become a WGOM faction during the ownership meeting.

            1. Yeah, when the FAQs said "do more research" I was like "nah, they can be in my name that's cool"

              If the league is defunct in 13 and 16.5 years, respectively, then oh well.

          1. I see they have already narrowed the team name down to 3 finalists:
            Aurora FC. Foxfire. Arctic MN.

            I like Aurora FC as it kind of has a European feel to it.

            I don't like Foxfire at all.

            Artic MN might be something similar to the Wild name. I did not like that name at all at first, but it grew on me. I do get a bit tired of every reference to MN being "cold"

            1. Not to mention that we’re not the arctic nor particularly close. That’s a whole other geographical, astronomish sort of thing.

        1. I dropped three hundo to strengthen our WGOM shareholders faction. I have been getting more active in supporting women's athletics. Having one son and one daughter play 3 sports through high school gave me plenty to ponder regarding inequity between women's and men's athletics. There is a local non-profit that has started a pretty good scholarship program that targets women athletes and we contributed quite a bit to support the effort.

    1. And... if you invested today, like I did, odds are you are not really invested but put on a wait list. I came across this just now:

      THANK YOU! When we started this process a year and a half ago, we knew there was untapped demand for women’s soccer. Since the campaign launched only three months ago, you all have proven that demand is overwhelming. You have affirmed the work so far while showing a resounding commitment to this club’s future future. The support has been so phenomenal, we actually reached our campaign limit of $1,000,000 and we are now in an oversubscribed mode.

      What does that mean to you?

      There are a portion of investors who are currently on the waitlist. Since there are some investments in the round that have not been funded, there's a chance that these unfunded investments will have to be cancelled and that we will be able to move some of the waitlist investors into the round. We will be working with Wefunder to coordinate this oversubscription and will notify investors accordingly. Thank you for your patience! In the event that we remain oversubscribed after this process and your investment needs to be cancelled, you will receive a full refund (including fees).

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