6 thoughts on “December 18, 2021: Conundrum”

  1. We just canceled our trip to Santa Fe Because Omicron. MrsS's whole nukular family was going to gather to celebrate my MiL's birthday with a party. Invites had been sent and accepted. But it all unraveled last night.

    This timeline sucks ass.

    1. I've got my eye on a few late screenings tomorrow night that are currently empty (going to sneak out after the fam goes to bed; don't tell). Hopefully at least one will stay that way, or close to it at least. It's like waiting for the cabin door to close with an open seat in the middle*.

      *I love the nod you give to the person in the window/aisle seat when the flight attendant announces that the door is now closed. It's like, hell yeah, we did it.

  2. Ended finals week absolutely ground down by getting grades submitted, pleading with administration to have access to my office over break, responding to student concerns about the grades that have been submitted, etc. Tired and crabby and over it last night.

    Popped out of bed this morning with a head full of ideas for my spring semester courses. The brain is a strange thing.

    1. This semester left me more worn out and overwhelmed than any other ever has. And my wife said the same thing, while teaching at a different school.

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