At The Movies: It’s The Little Things

What is/are some of your favorite little moments in a show or movie? What quiet and subtle but brilliant thing hits you just the right way that you smile a little bit thinking about it. I'll start:

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  1. Happy Better Call Saul final episode first episode broadcasting tonight to all who celebrate.

    1. We're catching up on Season 5 on Netflix but we're recording Season 6 on AMC to watch after we get caught up.

    2. I am sooooo looking forward to this season. I just rewatched the series through Season 5, so I'm up to speed on all the happenings.

      1. I can't wait to see it, either. I meant to rewatch them all before this season started, but I started way too late to make it. I'm almost done with season 1 now. Since it's the second time through, I've been half-watching while doing the dishes or grading or something, so I may try to delay starting the new ones until I'm done. I'm not sure if I have the willpower to wait, though.

    3. Just when you think they can't create any more amazing characters, along comes Lalo

      1. Kim Wexler is state's evidence #1 on amazing characters. I think all viewers will be holding their collective breath on seeing what her ultimate fate is.

        As for Lalo, compare that him with a similar role introduced in Ozark season 4. It's not even close to as compelling or sinister a character.

        1. I only did one season of Ozark because it was so laughably cartoonish compared to BB/BCS

          1. It's been my bike riding show during the winter so I don't need much but yeah it is pretty laughable.

          2. I thought season two and three of Ozark were pretty good but I agree on season one.

  2. Moon Knight is...going somewhere. Runner daughter and I are along for the ride to see where.

    I didn't see a reason for The King's Man to be made.

    A friend recommended (the British version of) Ghosts, and it's had its share of laughs. Our Flag Means Death not so much.

  3. I finished the second season of The Righteous Gemstones. It definitely continues along the absurd path forged in the first season (which isn't a complaint).

  4. I really enjoyed Our Flag Means Death, especially once Blackbeard arrives on the scene. I haven't really watched anything else, though, because I've been hopelessly addicted to factory builders (Satisfactory) and city builders (Workers and Resources).

    1. Have you played Cities: Skylines? There’s a guy on YouTube who is an city planner for a fairly large local municipality who plays through the game and talks about real-world urban planning considerations and how they diverge from the game.

      1. I have, its a good one and the winter expansion allows for the building of an outdoor curling rink.

  5. Film selection for Friday Movie Night has become a fun recurring task for me. The Poissonnière’s cinematic horizons continue to expand. In the last month, we’ve watched The Wizard of Oz (her first completely live action film), Mary Poppins, The Muppet Movie, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I have Modern Times (1936) and Charlotte’s Web (2006) in the queue.

    Always happy for other suggestions; we’re nearing the end of first screenings of age-appropriate Pixar and Disney animated fare.

    I subscribed to Peacock so the Poissonnière could watch the Winter Olympics and kept it to rewatch Battlestar Galactica, which I like just as well nearly twenty years after the miniseries aired. I may keep it to rewatch Frasier during my lunch hour, but I don’t know that I want to commit to an eleven season sitcom. The only other thing I’m interested in (re)watching on it is The Dick Van Dyke Show (a CBS show on NBC’s streaming platform?!). For evening viewing, I’m currently catching up on the second season of For All Mankind. Once I’ve finished that, I’ll probably move on to Slow Horses.

    1. For All Mankind was really good I thought and the season finale is a doozy. Besides Ted Lasso, Apple TV hasn't gotten a lot of buzz on their shows.

      1. The first season finale was quite good. At this point, I think I’d watch any new show Ronald Moore creates. The attention to detail and internal continuity in his worlds is impressive.

        I was surprised Foundation didn’t get more buzz than it did; it seems pitched at exactly the same audience as Dune.

      2. I've loved For All Mankind. Looking forward to season 3 this summer.

        There have been a few other Apple TV shows that I've really liked, but I agree they didn't seem to hit it big (Ted Lasso excluded). Of the others I've seen:

        - Mr. Corman - Strongest recommendation here, this was great. The episodes dealing with depression and anxiety really hit home for me. They had a story throughout the season, but every episode felt like a new thing, similar to Atlanta in that way.
        - After Party - This was also great. Comedy murder mystery, with an excellent cast. I was disappointed when we finished the season, since I wanted there to be more episodes.
        - Mythic Quest - I like it, but we have been going through them very slowly since it isn't a top priority
        - The Shrink Next Door - I liked it, but didn't love it. I kept waiting for it to be funnier than it was, considering it's Will Ferrel and Paul Rudd.

        We also started the first episode of Severance, but it was too late at night, and I fell asleep almost immediately. And, one episode of Schmigadoon but that's one my wife has no interest in, so I haven't gone back since.

        1. Apple TV's Invasion was decent but I kinda get why it didn't become more popular. As I mentioned at the time, it's a slow burn that emphasized the slow at the expense of the burn.

  6. Anyone watching Winning Time on HBO? It's pretty fun. The first three episode could've probably been condensed into two, but otherwise is hitting all the spots. Lots of familiar faces in the cast mixed in with the unknown actors playing (quite well) Magic and Kareem.

    1. I have loved it so far. My wife and I started it this week, and already caught up to the current episode (though we have not watched last night's yet).

      They do a really great job of making it feel like the time period.

  7. We watched a whole bunch of 1971 movies last year now that they were 50 years old, and I was amazed at how progressive they were compared to films of a few years later. So many gay characters, for example (even if not explicitly out by script).

    Now, started to do the same with 1972. So far, it's been The Poseidon Adventure, Cabaret, Lady Sings the Blues, and Deliverance. The decline has been notable.

  8. Russian Doll season 2 gets released on Wednesday and Ozark Season 4 part 2 gets released April 29. Looks like I have lots to watch coming up.

    1. I'm torn on a series like Russian Doll. The first season was great but seemed like it was enough.

      1. I agree with the sentiment but the reviews are in and sounds like it threads the needle of keeping the the vibe of the first season without just completely repeating it.

        1. We probably read the same review. The writer was extremely skeptical upon diving in, but said the story merited the season’s existence.

    2. Just saw that Barry season 3 returns this weekend. Can't wait to get more NoHo Hank.

  9. We watched all of Is It Cake? with the children. My four year-old a few days later interrupted a conversation with my wife. She had set on the ground in front of us a stepstool, a stuffed animal, and a toy, and she had a toy knife and asked us which one we thought was cake.

  10. We saw Everything, Everywhere, All at Once this weekend. I really, really enjoyed that movie even if it’s ending is predictable. The acting was outstanding with some silly kung- fu thrown in like sprinkles on your sundae.

    As to the prompt, I always think of the opening scene of the wire, “so, who shot Snot?” as one of the greatest openings to a series ever.

    1. That scene came from David Simon's Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets. The opening scene from season five was also straight out of the book.

    1. This scene right here.

      The entire movie has so many awesome scenes, but in this scene, the dialogue, the facial reactions (or lack thereof), the body language, the camera angles... it's all just perfect.

      1. the facial reactions (or lack thereof)

        Hahaha, YES. Pretty much that entire movie is amazing, but Clooney slays me every single time I see that scene.

    2. Honestly, there are so many of them. Certain shows that I love - namely, Arrested Development and Parks & Rec do these things brilliantly. You usually don't catch them on first watch, but on second and third viewing, the actors are just doing little things that perfectly match their characters.

      1. Yeah! The amount of foreshadowing in Arrested Development is off the charts. Started noticing it when watching episodes out of order one time.

    3. Not a scene (and not subtle), but there will never be a better line written than Prince Humperdink saying, "Iocane. I'd bet my life on it."

    4. The scene that really hooked me on The Wire was the "F***" scene in episode 4.
      I really had trouble getting into the show at first because they didn't the first three episodes introducing so many characters.

  11. This not super subtle, but there's a scene in The Bad News Bears that gives me absolute chills. After the Yankees coach knocks his own kid to the ground for throwing at Engelberg, the kid intentionally holds onto a groundball to give the Bears an inside the park homer. The daggers the kid gives his own dad...then just walking up to him and dropping the ball at his feet, then walking home in the middle of the game.

    My dad was my coach and while he was generally a great and supportive coach, but sometimes he was harder on me than others and I felt that. And I did have a couple coaches I hated this much and once I told my coach I was quitting in the middle of the season because I didn't enjoy playing for him. So yeah, this scene kills me.

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  12. I'd like to put in a big plug for Everything Everywhere All At Once. Not only is it visually stunning but an excellent story. Although it deals with the multi-verse, it doesn't get bogged down or too confusing on where you are at and when. Also note for Philo (and others of course), dives into some pretty sophisticated discourse on Existentialism at the end. Definitely deserves the rave reviews its getting.

    1. Thanks for the heads up - I was reading a good bit about existentialism recently too, so this might be a nice overlap.

  13. Season premiere of Barry last night. I really enjoy all the performances on that show, but the story is always a little harder to swallow.

  14. We finished Russian Doll. Found it quite uneven with some abruptly tied loose endings. Still funny and watchable, but didn't hit me like the first season.

  15. I started We Own This City (AKA The Wire 2) last night. A couple familiar actors on there.

  16. I just (belatedly) finished the first season of Yellowstone. I would not have guessed there was room for a little more Kevin Costner in my life.

  17. Halo actually hasn't been too bad, although one character made both Runner daughter and I think "Balthazar". Also, I'm getting tired of Burn Gorman playing the same annoying bad guy.

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