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Third Fourth Fifth Monday Movie Day: We Won’t Need Roads

What do you guys see for the future of movies/cinema? How soon do you think the theaters will come back, if at all?

Also, they're having a series of pop up drive in movies in the parking lot of a nearby sports arena, but it's like $30 a car. $50 for a "preferred location", whatever that means. Not worth it just to watch The Goonies.

And of course, what have you been watching?

Third Monday Movie Day: Anti-Binge

You'd think I'd have more time to watch things right now, but I strangely don't. The whole of my pandemic viewing has been about 2.5 seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine (which, fine, it's hilarious). This isn't a lament or anything, just something that mildly surprised me when I thought about it.

Are you up or down in total consumption? And, of course, what are you consuming?

At The Movies: Quarantine Edition

It's been awhile since we've done one of these. Seems appropriate to do one now though; lots of relevant topics.

Now that you've got the time, what titles long in your queue do you hope to unearth? Now that everything has shut down, how are your viewing habits/methods changing? Are you rationing your TV time even with little else to do?

And of course, what have you been watching lately?

At The Movies: Infinite Content

As I'm sure many of you know, our kids certainly have the advantage when it comes to choices of media consumption. Back in my day, we had a VCR, but content was limited to whatever tapes we had in the house. The boy can watch something new he's never seen every hour of day while I watched Beetlejuice to the point that I could quote every line in the movie with perfect inflection and timing.

What movies/TV shows did you watch to a brain burning amount only because there was nothing else to watch?

Third Monday Tuesday Movie Day: Out Of Context

What's your favorite quote from a TV show, movie, etc., that you often say in your everyday life even though it's completely out of context and will usually be ignored or met with blank stares? Naturally, when I thought of this topic awhile ago I had several examples in mind, but of course they've all left me as I'm typing this.

I do remember that many of these come from the Simpsons for me. One I can think of is when someone is trying to explain something to me, the progression of "Wha?... Huh?... Juh?" I'm sure I'll remember more about three weeks from now.

Also, hey, what have you been watching?