Game 61: rays @ twins

We're almost through what looked to be the scariest part of the schedule, and the Twins have done alright. Two of three in Toronto, one of three against the Yankees, and now one of one against Tampa.

The best part has been watching the offense come alive against some really good pitching. In the aforementioned games, they've knocked around Gausmann, Tailon, Nestor, and Cole. Those are some good pitchers.

Today, they get to face off against a guy making his 2022 debut. Unfortunately, the Rays get to face off against Chi Chi, which is.... suboptimal. Hopefully Joe Ryan and Bailey Over and Sonny Gray get back soon, because the rotation is in rough shape.

Go Twins!

27 thoughts on “Game 61: rays @ twins”

  1. I reversed Spookied that slam. When the graphic was up showing he had 0 GSs, I thought to myself that that make sense because he's not a home run hitter.

    1. And OBP. He has a 34 point lead. The difference from first to second is the same from second to 15th.

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