2022 Game 79: Twins at Guardians

The baseball gods must have had a good laugh last night.  Yeah, real f***ing funny, guys. Yuck it up, you must be so proud of yourselves.

Today the Twins try to shake off the worst loss of the season in a matinee that pits Chris Archer against Shane Bieber. Despite a couple of disappointing losses, and a chance for another before this 5-game set wraps up, the Twins will leave Cleveland with the division lead. And hopefully they can embiggen it today.

Play ball!

79 thoughts on “2022 Game 79: Twins at Guardians”

    1. Contrariwise, have Twins catchers throw out any baserunners attempting to steal this year? I can't recall a single one.

            1. Provus and Atteberry were commenting last night on our crappy base running and how it has cost us games that might come back to haunt us. I could not disagree.

  1. Jeebus. 33-year old Sandy Leon, with 1440 major league at-bats and a .211 lifetime batting average... walks.

  2. If you only had to get two outs in an inning, Archer would have a terrific game going.

  3. We have thirteen pitchers, and Provus and Atteberry are telling me we have no one else available to pitch the rest of the game?

    1. I think I understand Rocco telling the scribes that he’s not worried about games in June, as in, “I’m not watching the standings with half the season still to play and my team currently in 1st place.” But to manage or play as though the games in June don’t matter!?! … well, that’s a bridge too far for most Minnesota sports fans. We know that these games matter and the ones in September & October are there to be ignored.

        1. That's what I'm trying to figure out: is it Rocco's fault for mismanaging the bullpen, or is it the front office's fault for not giving him any decent options?

          1. I think this one falls like 90% on the front office. Except for Game 1 of the doubleheader, when Duran should have pitched, this is all about not having anyone who can be trusted.

            1. Do you trust the Front Office to get some bullpen help? Seems at least as likely that they'd trade away valuable assets for Matt Capps*

              *to be fair(er), Capps was pretty good for the balance of 2010 after the trade.

            2. A good amount falls on the front office, but I think Rocco gets some blame, too. When you run out of pitchers in the eighth inning of a low-scoring game, that's on the manager. What was the plan if the game went eleven or twelve innings? Just keep sending Thornburg back out there? Use a position player? I guess a position player might have at least gotten the ball over the plate, but you know what I mean. You've got to have a better plan than that.

              1. This aligns with my thinking on his/their bullpen management. I understand that they can’t do anything about the pitchers’ execution or the roster construction, but it seems like they don’t deviate from whatever the plan is. The in-game management decisions often feel preordained. Like the NFL where they have the first 15 plays of a game scripted.

  4. The only way I could feel less confident about this game is if Pagan came in to pitch.

  5. 33% of the lineup going 0-fer the day, and pitching offering 9 10 free bases … d’okay.

    1. It doesn't work that way. We'll get two out to give us some hope, then lose the game.

  6. Today the Twins try to shake off the worst loss of the season

    Way to spit in the eyes of the baseball gods.

    1. Oh, hell, this is nothing. Wait until we play the Yankees, in New York, in September. Those divine bastards will be absolutely giddy.

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