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Happy Birthday–May 29

Bob Hope (1903)
George McQuinn (1910)
Loel Passe (1917)
Fred White (1936)
Fay Vincent (1938)
John Kennedy (1941)
Blue Moon Odom (1945)
Jamie Allen (1958)
Mike Stenhouse (1958)
Eric Davis (1962)
Charlie Hayes (1965)
Trever Miller (1973)
Jerry Hairston (1976)
Matt Macri (1982)

Comedian and actor Bob Hope was a long-time part-owner of the Cleveland Indians and was on their Board of Directors.

Loel Passe broadcast Houston Astros games from the team’s inception through 1976.  Along the way, he worked with two Hall of Fame broadcasters, Gene Elston and Harry Kalas.

Fred White broadcast Kansas City Royals games from 1974-1998.

Fay Vincent was the commissioner of baseball from 1989-1992.

Third baseman Jamie Allen was drafted by Minnesota with the tenth pick of the 1976 draft, but did not sign.

We would also like to wish a very happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. brianS.

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Happy Birthday–May 28

Spider Baum (1882)
Jim Thorpe (1887)
Warren Giles (1896)
John Allyn (1917)
Bob Kuzava (1923)
Frank Saucier (1926)
Kirk Gibson (1957)
Bill Doran (1958)
Duane Ward (1964)
Mike Maksudian (1966)
Mike Difelice (1969)
Jhonny Peralta (1982)
Lester Oliveros (1988)

Spider Baum won 325 games in the minors between 1902-1920.  267 of those wins came in the Pacific Coast League.

Warren Giles was president of the National League from 1951-1969.

John Allyn was the owner of the Chicago White Sox from 1961-1975.

Frank Saucier is the player Eddie Gaedel pinch-hit for in 1951.

We would also like to wish a happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Philosofer.

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Happy Birthday–May 27

Frank Snyder (1894)
Pinky Higgins (1909)
Terry Moore (1912)
George O’Donnell (1929)
Jerry Kindall (1935)
Fred Bruckbauer (1938)
Jim Holt (1944)
Gary Nolan (1948)
Terry Collins (1949)
Mark Connor (1949)
Mark Clear (1956)
Ed Nunez (1963)
John Jaha (1966)
Jeff Bagwell (1968)
Frank Thomas (1968)
Todd Hundley (1969)
Jose Berrios (1994)

Terry Collins was the manager of Houston from 1994-96, of Anaheim from 1997-99, and of the Mets from 2011 to the present.

Mark Connor pitched in the Twins’ minor league system from 1971-1972 before he suffered a career-ending arm injury.  He has been a pitching coach for the Yankees, Arizona, Toronto, Texas, and Baltimore.  He also was the head baseball coach at the University of Tennessee.

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FMD 5/26/17 — The Music of Our Youth

Note:  If you've done this topic before, well, sorry.  But it was the best one I could come up with.

If you've followed Jeff A week, you've noticed that the songs are all oldies, mostly from the '70s.  The reason for that, of course, is that the '70s are the time I was growing up.  All of my high school and a good share of my college years came in the '70s.

I think for most of us, the music of our youth holds a special place in our hearts.  It's not so much that the music of our youth is better than any other kind of music (although in my case, it clearly is).  It's that this is the music that was playing during the years when we were becoming the people we were going to become.  Hearing that music takes us back to that time, and usually back to happy memories.  It even does that for those of us for whom the high school years do not have that many happy memories.  Maybe it's because the music was a kind of refuge, a place where we could go to forget the way things were and think about how things might be better for us someday.

I don't just listen to these oldies.  I listen to some contemporary pop music and some contemporary country music.  I listen to some contemporary Christian music, too.  But my go-to music is still the music of the '70s.  It's where I go when I want some music to put me in a good mood, or music I can sing along to.  The music of my youth.

So, what's your go-to music?  What's the music that puts you in a good mood?  What's the music of your youth?  Put it here.  Or, put in a random ten list.  Or, do whatever you want.  I'm not the boss of you.