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Happy Birthday–July 19

Jim Donnelly (1865)
Earl Hamilton (1891)
Bob Meusel (1896)
Mark Koenig (1904)
Jackie Hayes (1906)
Phil Cavarretta (1916)
Billy Gardner (1927)
Jayson Stark (1951)
Dan Graham (1954)
Mark Carreon (1963)
David Segui (1966)
Gus Gandarillas (1971)
Preston Wilson (1974)
Yorvit Torrealba (1978)
Rick Ankiel (1979)

Jayson Stark is a long-time baseball writer and until recently was an ESPN commentator.

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Minor Details: Games of July 16

Andy Wilkins hits a grand slam to lead the Red Wings.  Five-run innings are prominent as the Lookouts sweep.  Clark Beeker struggles but is bailed out in a Miracle win.  Jose Miranda stays hot for the Kernels.  Ryan Jeffers keeps hitting for the E-Twins.  Janigson Villalobos is hitting well for the GCL Twins.  Jose Bermudez pitches well for the DSL Twins.

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Happy Birthday–July 17

Hugh “One Arm” Daily (1847)
Ernest Barnard (1874)
Judge Emil Fuchs (1878)
Lou Boudreau (1917)
Roy McMillan (1929)
Jerry Lynch (1930)
Toni Stone (1931)
Deron Johnson (1938)
Don Kessinger (1942)
Charley Steiner (1949)
Pete Ladd (1956)
Bobby Thigpen (1963)
Jason Jennings (1978)
Adam Lind (1983)

Ernest Barnard was the general manager of the Cleveland Indians from 1903-1926.  He was also the second president of the American League.

Judge Emil Fuchs was the owner of the Boston Braves from 1923-1935.  He was a magistrate judge in New York City from 1915-1918.

Toni Stone was the first woman to play in the Negro Leagues.  She played from 1949-1954.

Charley Steiner has been broadcasting Los Angeles Dodger games since 2005.

No players with connections to the Minnesota Twins appear to have been born on this day.  However, the original WGOM was born on this day in 2004.

We would also like to wish a very happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Beau.

Happy Birthday–July 16

Shoeless Joe Jackson (1889)
Doc Prothro (1893)
Bill Woodson (1917)
Jim Odom (1921)
Norm Sherry (1931)
Eddie Fisher (1936)
Lee Elia (1937)
Terry Pendleton (1960)
DeMarlo Hale (1961)
William VanLandingham (1970)

The father of former NFL coach Tommy Prothro, third baseman Doc Prothro played in the majors for parts of five seasons and had a lifetime batting average of .318.

Acclaimed voice actor Bill Woodson was the voice of the Twins' "Get to Know 'Em" advertising campaign in the first decade of the twenty-first century.

Jim Odom was an American League umpire from 1964-1974.

DeMarlo Hale was a minor league manager from 1993-2001 and has been a major league coach since 2002.

No players with connections to the Twins appear to have been born on this day.

Minor Details: Games of July 13

Lots of offense and Stephen Gonsalves carry the Red Wings.  Brent Rooker hits his fifteenth homer.  Taylor Grzelakowski and Griffin Jax lead the Miracle.  Another good game for Blayne Enlow.  Josh Winder does well and gets good support (though not from the bullpen).  A key error sinks the GCL Twins.  Anthony Escobar throws five no-hit innings for the DSL Twins.

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