game 81: halfway there

The end of this game will mark the halfway point of the season. Bullpen insanity aside (seriously. Falvine needs to fix the bullpen... Like.... Yesterday), it's hard to deny that it's gone better than we expected. The White Sox are hurt and still hilariously managed by Tony LaRussa. The Clevelanders are dangerous, but they don't get to face our bullpen every game the rest of the season. And we've still got this guy...

Today, the Sonny Gray takes the mound to try to fend off the Orioles. Gray's been great so far this season, and this kind of looks like a mismatch on paper with Baltimore countering with a not all that good Jordan Lyles. Maybe our lineup doesn't believe is Jeremies. Let's hope.

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  1. This was reminding me of the Levale Speigner game for a while, but all's well that ends well. If the Yankees just do their job tonight, the Twins will gain a game and a half today.

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