19 thoughts on “August 17, 2022: Almost There”

  1. Thanks to everyone who shared their experiences with taking small fry to the ballpark. I narrowed it down to two options that get the Poissonnière close to her favorite player (Arráez): Section 109, Row 7, and Section 210, Row 1. After considering potential any discomfort from sitting right at the edge of the terrace, I went with Section 109.

  2. Nice -- Twins going with their B.C.A. lineup today. Not sure that Bux at the top is the smartest plan, but Luis has a better chance than anyone to advance runners. Also, I'll be happy when Lopez takes over the team Saves leadership from some other pitcher.

  3. Agreed on the appreciation for spoiler boxes. I was caught up on BCS, but am currently driving across country (again…) so haven’t been able to watch the finale.

    We are now on our second drive to Minnesota this summer (plus we drove to Colorado in June), but this one is a longer-term trip. My wife got a one-year fellowship at University of Minnesota, so this is our trip to move her, the kids, and the dog there for this school year. I still have to be in-person in California for some classes this semester, so I’ll be flying back and forth frequently. Then, I plan to join them in December, and the we’ll all be there until the Summer.

    It will be nice do my kids to get to spend more time with their cousins and grandmother this year, though certainly a lot of work to get this all together.

  4. One last BCS-BB thought SelectShow
      1. I read an article in Scientific American from last year that suggested the Carrington Event wasn't even close to the largest CME to hit the Earth in the past few millennia. There is evidence that one ten times stronger hit in 775.

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