24 thoughts on “January 4, 2023: Soggy”

    1. H'istan set a record I think on NYE at around 64° F. This week has been wet and foggy. Thankfully the visibility is still decent enough that the fog remains on the amusing "I can't see down the street" rather than an unsafe "I can't drive more than 10 mph".

      1. So after a week of coughing up green slime, I finally called MDLive - the doc said this was very common right now, and cut me a script for benzonatate (also said I could take Mucinex, which we have but it expired in 2021).

        With the warm temps I felt good enough to go out and spread weed/feed on the yard. In shorts of course.

    2. I saw a temp forecast map for January yesterday that showed above and well above average temps for most of the eastern half of the country. Also, I'm thankful for my new snow blower, it has about a 25 foot throw. I might need to get some chains for it, though, the tires don't seem to grip all that well.

      1. This winter is making me seriously contemplate buying a snowblower. 3rd shovel broken. Philosofette had another EMT call where she barely got out of the driveway.

        The elementary school decided to do e-learning today, secondary is just off again. I wish lawyers got snow days.

  1. D'Angelo Russell unfollowed the Wolves Instagram account. Innnnnnteeeeeeresssssting.....

    1. Not on the injury report after missing last game because of illness. There's some reporting that he's gotten sideways with Ant. The thing about this club, though, is that there's rarely any drama. 😜

            1. At some point, we have to ask ourselves why? What is it about us (me included) that keeps taking this abuse? Why can't we just let go?

              1. That point was about 2009 right after the NFC Championship game. Sealing myself off from football completely was easy, but that experience also lead to making it a lot easier to just not turn on the Wolves or Twins when they're hard to watch. I'm also down here in the people' republic so I'm not inundated with the bad sports journalism up there.

  2. This morning I checked weather.com and it had Eagan's snowfall total for the past 24 hours at 22 inches. I don't think that's right, but I will say that we have had quite a bit. Also, I haven't cleaned off the deck this winter and I took a measurement of 30 inches on the deck right now. So, lots and lots of snow.

    1. Was that the Armed Services Appreciation day? If so, I was working the right field section next to the flagpoles.

      1. No, it was the last home game. You wandered over from a couple of sections over to congratulate me in trying to find a kid to take the ball.

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