4 thoughts on “January 25, 2023: Options”

  1. This is so true. I remember back when I lived in ND, there were days when it was icy or foggy and it felt like I was driving in very risky conditions just to get to work. But, I was expected to be there. I'm sure everyone would have felt bad if I had been killed driving to or from work, though.

    In MPLS, I know that big snowfalls mean very long commutes. Staying home (which I do most days anyways) is less stressful and I'm way more productive (and I work longer because I'm not 45 minutes late for work!).

    1. When employers allow people to work remotely, people who don’t need to be out on the roads in adverse conditions can stay off them, keeping the roads safer for those who must be out there, too.

    2. For the past year my wife and I have both been working from home. A few months ago she was required to work every Wednesday in the office, next month they're expanding it to Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the office. While it sucks for her, I have to admit I kind of like having the house to myself once in a while again. I think that's one reason that she really supports the usher gig, too, it gives her some needed alone time during the season.

      1. You are totally right. I know Mrs Runner doesn't might when I have choir Thur nights and she doesn't have to cook for me, etc. It's good to run in your own circles a bit and preserve sanity.

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