15 thoughts on “March 19, 2023: Clear Skies”

  1. It was a mixed bag in college tournament outcomes for the State of Hockey last night. The St. Cloud State Huskies beat Colorado College handily 3-0 to win the NCHC tournament championship. The U of M, sadly, lost a hard-fought game to Michigan by a 4-3 score in the Big Ten championship game. The Gophers will enter the NCAA tournament next weekend as the number one seed, with Michigan seeded fourth and St. Cloud State seventh. Also, we went to see Pure Prairie League at the Hopkins Center for the Arts last night. Good show, nice intimate venue with several art galleries to peruse before the show.

  2. On the induction hob: Jamaican oxtail stew. The weather is in the 50s and the apartment smells delightfully spicy. I headed the advice of others and did not pierce the scotch bonnet habanero. Still going to be spicy.

    1. And the secret ingredient is a portion of fingernail and finger tip. At least I know my knives are sharp.

    2. We got around to celebrating the Girl's birthday with her today.

      I made the Serious Eats vanilla butter cake (mine definitely was NOT "fluffy", but it was delicious. My frosting was a fail, however. I was making a cream cheese frosting, but tried to sub half-and-half for heavy cream, because no cream. Uh, no.)

      And we made steamed dumplings and a green bean and tofu salad.
      1. Tilapia and dino kale (I blanched, rough chopped, and squeeze-dried the kale, then chopped fine in the food processor. Pulsed two tilapia fillets in the processor. Finely chopped up some ginger, and added a teaspoon of soy sauce and mixed well.)
      2. Teriyaki Shiitake and veggie (pulsed a mess of fresh shiitakes, a few crimini, and some carrot. Added chopped green onions, chopped garlic and ginger and sauteed a bit. Mixed in a couple tablespoons of homemade teriyaki sauce (very thick).

      The dough was 2 1/3 cups AP and 3/4 cup very hot water. Drizzle the water into the flour, mixing with a fork as you go. Turn out onto a board and knead for a few minutes. Form into a ball and let rest, covered for half an hour or so. Divide the ball in half, keeping the other half covered. Roll very thin and cut out rounds roughly palm-sized. Makes about 3 dozen in total. Fill with about a tbsp or so of filling and pinch shut. Steam for 7-8 minutes (I have bamboo steamer baskets and silicon mesh liners, which work great).

      I also made a "hot and sour" dipping sauce to go with the dumplings. Homemade chili oil, sugar, black vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil and fresh garlic. Yummy.

  3. I’m about to start making channa masala with garlic naan for supper. Not sure a 12-pack of Mango Cart will be sufficient; it goes down far too smoothly.

      1. I love kumquats.

        Also, chana masala! (I'm usually lazy and make it with canned chickpeas).

      1. One of my last of very few follows before seeing myself out the Twitter door. Really liked that one, though.

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