25 thoughts on “March 20, 2023: Sprung”

  1. Looking forward to supper tonight: carnitas braised in Allagash White, then rendered, with roasted sweet potatoes smothered in black beans & cheddar.

    1. I just made carnitas a few days ago and had some of the leftovers as a taco salad for lunch today. Always delicious.

      1. i don't know why, but pork shoulder goes on sale for 0.99/lbs around here about 6 times a year it feels like. it just did again a week ago but i already have one in the freezer from the last time it went on sale.

  2. I finally decided to connect our Nest thermostats to our home wifi (via Guest wifi on our mesh setup) and to the Interwebs. Not sure what I will do with the app, but.... It's there now.

    (These came with the house, along with an August lock on the front door and a first-gen Ring spy camera/doorbell. The August is no longer internet- connected and the battery is dead. I have no plans to replace that battery in the foreseeable future. I never use the Ring app and am not paying whatever they wanted to charge, so it's mostly a crappy doorbell that I have to re-charge every two weeks (battery is not replaceable). I'd rather have a wired doorbell, frankly (there is one still on the wall by the door, but I would have to uninstall the Ring to see if the wiring is still accessible).

    Modern conveniences....

  3. Taurean Prince drops a 36 spot (!!!) on the Knicks tonight and the Wolves gritted and gutted out a win at MSG

      1. I clapped at my tv after he said that 😆

        Grady and JimPete have been a joy this season

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