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  1. I had zero chance of staying up late enough to watch last night, but I was 100% assuming a loss, so very cool that I was wrong. Man, not having D'Lo on this team is a wonderful thing.

    1. I was not so down on DLO, but let’s just say that the last couple of weeks have been like someone opened a window during the lilac bloom.

  2. Also:

  3. StL has always been a big soccer town, so getting St Louis City SC was a huge deal, and starting out 5-0 as an expansion team hasn't let the enthusiasm wane in the least. Also neat that it's the first female majority-owned team in the league.

  4. Friends, the last 12 months has been the absolute most challenging and agonizing time of my life. Without going into details, let me just say that I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

    However, in the midst of this misery and grief, I have looked at myself and said how can I be a better person? I have taken a number of initiatives. One of them is to once again tackle my bugaboo, my weight.

    I weighed myself the day after thanksgiving: 296.3 pounds. Now, I happened to see my favorite internet gadfly brianS about that time and he tells me that he doesn’t believe that I actually weighed that much. But it is true, Brian.

    I started trying to lose weight, but it was going slow. So I hired a trainer around New Years, got on a diet and weight lifting regimen, and I did an hour of cardio four days a week.

    I’ve had some stress weight loss, which isn’t good, but mostly, it’s been controlled continuous work. This morning, I was 240.2 lbs. Plus, I have added some muscle (according to the machine at the gym). I am certainly stronger.

    My trainer and I have set a weight goal of 200 lbs at which point we will work on adding about 15 more pounds of muscle. No biggie. Just gonna lose more than 100 pounds of fat (weight loss and muscle gain) and then add on another 15 pounds of muscle.

    Things in my life have been really tough. But I do have my health (the bouts with Afib notwithstanding). I have done other things to improve my life in other areas that are more personal than talking about my weight and strength training. I just want you all to know that as long as we are still drawing breath, we have hope and have the power to improve our own lives even if those changes aren’t earth shaking.

    1. Great job. Hey can you send me information about your trainer or the facility you are going to? I think I'm at the point where I need to do the same. You can send to my email: freealonzo at comcast net

      1. Be happy about the five pounds. And if you want to lose another five pounds, work on that.

        I still have to make sure that I don’t just give back the gains. Daily fight. Lifetime commitment.

        A place that I’ve become acquainted with recently has a slogan: we welcome you wherever you are on your journey. Those are some powerful words to me. It has helped me to learn to deal with all kinds of issues recently.

    2. Congratulations on the weight loss. Good luck with whatever else is going on. You are in our prayers.

    3. Congrats on the current weight loss and good luck on the rest. Its certainly a battle. It was a pretty amazing feeling when I got below 200 for the first time in 12 years or so, so you have that to look forward to. Adding about 25 lbs of muscle back (thanks creatine!) was also pretty cool, even if a lot of that muscle was mid-section which, depending on which shirt I wear, makes it kind of look like I regressed. But, now that the curling season is over I'm going to take a month or two off of beer and get ready to hit the roads again.

      1. I also got below 200 in the last year, for the first time since before my ankle surgery, almost six[!!!] years ago. I got as low as 192-193 this summer and have managed to stick around 195-198 since, despite the rainy season having curtailed my walking. I've been pretty consistent with my core exercises, which has helped my back tremendously.

        Also, retiring lowered my stress level considerably. Also good for my back.

    4. It's true, I really didn't think you were anywhere near 3 bills.

      Thinking good thoughts, brother. I know it has been a tough year that has just gotten tougher. I'm proud of your resilience.

    5. Sending good thoughts! I've basically fluctuated up and down within five pounds for the last two years (and they've been my heaviest-ever five pounds). Here's hoping getting back outside in the bike (compared to half-assing it in the basement) gets me going again.

    6. ❤️ - I hope you continue to have success in the workout world! And I hope it has positive impacts on everything else.

      I'm 46 (and ½) now and starting to feel my mortality. I'm close to hiring a trainer, but for various reasons ("reasons"?) I haven't quite made the call. I expect myself to get up the gumption soon, and your post is going to help me get there, I think.

  5. Miguel Sano went starter to tryout for scouts to not even having rumors attached to him signing with a team real fast.

      1. In his honor,

        I can't [redacted] believe that [redacted] made a [redacted] jump shot. He's still a worthless [redacted] [redacted]. I'm so glad I moved to Houston where they have a good basketball team.


    1. He draws a lot of walks. If he could even hit .230, he'd probably have a pretty good on-base percentage. Of course, he's only hit that high once in his career.

  6. Sergio Romo is still the best

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