21 thoughts on “March 31, 2023: 162-0”

      1. Definitely my favorite Twitter account over the last few months. Some of the parallels they've posted have made me laugh out loud with how perfect they are. Some of them feel like they had to have made them up on the spot, but no. It's just perfect.

  1. I was surprised at the number of breaking balls Duran threw in the ninth yesterday. I'm not criticizing--after all, he got the side out, which is the whole point--I just was surprised. When you can throw 103, I don't expect your main pitch to be a breaking ball.

    1. Yeah, a bit surprising, but some of their hitters seemed to really be sitting on the FB, so the Twins either got their scouting right in this case, or got lucky.

  2. In doing so, López became the first Twins pitcher to earn an Opening Day win on the road since Brad Radke in 2003.

    (from mlb.tv app)


    1. The autoplay video & ad saturation on that site really seems to have gotten out of hand. My blocker struggles to keep up with whatever they’re doing to push things through.

  3. I've been dealing with dizziness and disequilibrium for the last couple of days. This is my second bout in the last 5 weeks (had one in LA when I was down to help the Boy pack).

    It's almost certainly benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (I've had issues in the past with "head rushes" after certain exercises that involve bending over). But really disconcerting and exhausting. I've tried doing the Epley Maneuver , with limited success so far.

    Getting old sucks.

    1. Epley Maneuver works wonderfully for inner ear problems, but yours sounds like blood pressure maybe. I experience this sometimes when doing squat-leaps for a while.

      1. Hmm. Maybe?

        Some viruses can cause similar problems and I have definitely been feeling fatigued with a bit of an upset stomachs and mild headache.

  4. Mrs Runner and I went to an Asian restaurant near the resort here, and I chose to try the Chicken Curry with fried rice, one of the dishes of the owner's native land. After the meal, he told us all about Nagaland and the Nagas, which was some fascinating history. I'm going to have to do some more reading...

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