Game 15: twins @ evil empire

Hey. Everyone. If the Twins win today, they'll win a series against the Yankees. In New York.

That hasn't happened in 243 years.

If they win the next two, they'll sweep a series against the Yankees in New York. Up until 1984, it was a felony to even type those words. That's what we call progress.

Also progress? Our damn starting rotation, am I right? In 84 innings worth of starts, our starting 6 have given up 23 runs (a 2.46 ERA. seems good) and have only allowed 75 baserunners. Fewer baserunners than innings. Also seems good!

The Twins are one of only four teams in baseball with 10+ wins, and they've won those games against Houston, Chicago, and New York. Optimism seems at least somewhat warranted.

Tyler Mahle takes the mound in an attempt to keep all these good things rolling today. I like his chances.

Go Twins!

11 thoughts on “Game 15: twins @ evil empire”

  1. I accidently took a nap and Rocco was ejected because the ump checked German for substance and found some and was allowed to continue to pitch?

      1. The ump was caught on camera saying “I told you to wash it off.” He should’ve tossed him the first time, but also didn’t toss him the second time. I can see how they wouldn’t want to tarnish the reputation of the wifebeater, though.

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