2023 Game 25: New York Yankees at Minnesota Twins

Domingo Germán
Kenta Maeda

Maeda somehow didn't break anything or sustain anything more than a big ouch from stopping the comebacker with his ankle. Bailey Ober is back with the Saints and Maeda is back in the rotation to finish off the Yankees.

Going back through all the Twins-Yankees season results, the last time prior to 2001 the Twins won a season series was 1992 when they went 7-5. They did manage to tie 5-5 in 2000. Go back another year and you will find the last time the Twins swept a three game series with the Yankees. June 11 through June 13 and September 6 through September 8. They finished 10-2 against the hapless 71-91 Yankees. 1993 and 1994 both had two game sweeps if you want to count those too.

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    1. Gordon turned a single into three bases. Gallo then muffed a grounder that would have kept the rubber at third only to have Solano cut the lob to first to prevent an out. Then, a perfectly placed bunt. I would have been frustrated, too.

      1. I think he’s also frustrated that he’s not hitting his spots very well today. But your point is spot on.

  1. If I'm a career AAAA outfielder, I look at Willie Calhoun and wonder that intangibles he has that keeps getting him employed.

    1. Must be the Willie part. Willie Bloomquist played 14 seasons and finished with a career 1.7 rWAR. "Only" $17 million career earnings but he earned the pension and Hall of Fame eligibility.

        1. So far today, he's the rare Twin without an E. (Yes, I know - we have Target Field scoring, so it's practically impossible to get an official error)

  2. I will take two solid wins and one terrible loss against the Yankees. Better than three losses ranging from heartbreaking to terrible.

    1. Yanks didn't take kindly to being the first team to lose a season series since 2021 apparently.

  3. It sounds like the Twins played some poor defense early. I give them some credit, though, for not just rolling over when they got way down early. They kept battling to try to get back into the game.

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