29 thoughts on “2023 Game Log 41: Chicago Cubs at Minnesota Twins”

      1. They did a pregame home plate deal with her, the team donated 25 grand each to the cancer society and Susan B. Koman and they gave her flowers and it was just great. Marney is family.

  1. Statcast says 402 feet for Gallo's home run today and 422 feet for his yesterday. He hit it too high yesterday to get great distance.

    1. I was working right field today, stationed behind the seats between the foul pole and the flagpoles. His homer went at least ten feet over my head and landed in middle of the Schneiderman Lawn where people were playing cornhole and mini-golf. Nobody hurt, a dad got the ball and gave it to his boy.

      1. The Poissonnière is the only kid on her little league team wearing stirrups, but thankfully there are a couple high sock kids.

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