12 thoughts on “May 24, 2023: Stoic”

    1. Pythag says 29-20 for the Twins instead of 25-24. BaseRuns agrees with that. Orioles should be either 28-20 by Pythag or 26-22 by BaseRuns.

      1. The past few years have tarnished the notion of run differential and Pythagorean records as the Twins have managed to build themselves a team that piles up runs in an occasional blow-out and then finds novel ways to lose a string of comparatively low-scoring games because of bullpen meltdowns or ass bats. Bad luck is a form of luck, I guess, and they seem to have essentially tripped over a way that has maximized their exposure to it.

        1. Agreed. They have a lineup that feasts on mistakes. That results in blowout wins and close losses.

        2. just back to 2022. Otherwise you have to go back to 2016 to find a Twins team that didn't overperform their pythag

  1. Out of curiosity, how do the TWolves fans feel about Butler's run in this year's playoffs?

    1. Let's face it. Jimmy Butler is a handful, but he is a helluva player that wants to win. He's not for everyone or every team (obviously) and he's probably perfectly matched with the Heat. He wasn't wrong about what he said about the Twolves. It wasn't productive or the right way to approach the situation. But he wasn't wrong.

      So I cheer on Jimmy Butler and this years run in the playoffs.

    2. He's great, but he's a scumbag that requires a strong coach that keeps him in check. Thibs let him abuse his teammates. Total lack of leadership.

    3. Based on his actions when he was with the Wolves, I have rooted against him. It would bring me great joy if the Celtics were to somehow win four in a row, as unlikely as that is. If the Heat do advance, it would be a lot easier to root for the Nuggets, who I have nothing against.

      Mostly, I'm just glad the Lakers lost and D'lo got benched and the Grizzlies ate sh*t.

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