2023 Game 82: Minnesota Twins at Atlanta Braves

Day game! All the better to make this a forgettable game.

Kenta Maeda
Kolby Allard

Allard makes his season, and (second) Braves, debut. The Braves reaquired him in exchange for Odorizzi this past offseason. Allard was a first round draft pick, has a career 6.07 ERA (139 ERA- and 124 FIP-), and throws from the *checks notes* left side. He checks off every Jeremy attribute.

6 thoughts on “2023 Game 82: Minnesota Twins at Atlanta Braves”

  1. Allard finishes his day with 4.2 innings, two hits, eight strikeouts, and befitting a Jeremy, zero runs.

  2. Kenta didn't go all that deep, but still not a bad start. Hopefully it's a continued sign he's back to competence on the mound again. If only he could bat...

    1. You'll be surprised when the Twins hit three home runs in the ninth and win 3-2!

      Of course, that would surprise me, too...

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