Game 100: white Sox @ twins

In a rain delay, but game start should be around quarter to 7.

Dylan Cease vs ALL STAR® Sonny Gray

Are the Twins a good team? Can they be a contender? I don't know if we actually know yet. If the bats play, I think they could be, but I don't actually know what the potential of this lineup is.

Hope tonight's potential is around twelve runs against Cease.

Go Twins!

10 thoughts on “Game 100: white Sox @ twins”

  1. A little adventurous with the H part of WHIP but I dig the three swinging strikeouts.

  2. For the heck of it, I flipped to Gameday's 3D beta mode for the last couple batters, which was interesting. After Anderson's single, during the mound conference the player avatars were spasming around humorously, so I switched to the pitcher view to get a better look. The conference broke up, and the camera decided that Correa was the pitcher and followed him out to his position, so I had to toggle through views to get back to (correct) pitcher view. Overall: entertaining

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