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2024 Game Log 29 – Twins at White Sox

Eight game win streak, longest since 2011 (note to self: don't look up the Twins 2011 season record). The eight wins have come at the expense of some really lousy teams but the Twins had dug themselves such an early hole that they really needed to take advantage of this momentary lull in the schedule. Especially since the Red Sox, Mariners, Blue Jays, and Yankees are all up next.

Not only are the Twins winning but injured players are returning. Kepler last week, Correa last night, Duran tonight. Oh and the Twins have rallied around a magic sausage. Enjoy the innocence of it all now folks. I am sure the inevitable $30 T-shirts, and "that's another Cub Foods Jimmy Dean Summer Sausage HR by Max Kepler" announcements are right around the corner. Crappy teams, return of injured players, and a magic sausage may have contributed to the winning streak but don't sleep on the fact that the Twins are also not striking out as much as they were earlier in the season. Who knew that putting the ball in play is a good thing! Is it the fact they were facing middling pitchers or did Twins batters change their approach at the plate that has led to less strikeouts? We have 133 more games to find out.

Simeon Woods Richardson on for the Twins and he as been an upgrade over Louie Varland. Facing White Sox hitters should continue that trend. Michael Soroka up for the Whities. He's not really a strikeout pitcher so Twins trend of not striking out might just continue at least for another game.

Freealonzo's "Take it to the Credit Union" surefire winner: Birthday boy Edouard Julien gets two hits today.

First Pitch from "The Rate" at 6:40

2024 Game Log 28: Minnesota Twins vs. Chicago White Sox

Twins go for eight straight great games here in Chicago tonight. While you never want to get too confident, this is the kind of team you want be playing (though they did just sweep the Rays(!)).

Joe Ryan has been pitching pretty all right this year, though he's only faced AL Central teams which usually takes the edge off things. He gets another Central opponent tonight though, so we can hope the trend continues. Also, he's starting on my fantasy team, so let's bring it home for papa.

Crochet hasn't had as good a go of it lately. Perhaps he should take up knitting instead. Once again, let's hope the trend continues.

And the bats of fire trend is another welcome one. Trifecta tonight, please!

2024 Game Log 22 – White Sox at Twins

Nothing like playing the White Sox for what cure ya, right? I knew the White Sox were really bad this year but only researching this game log did I find out they are 3-19 bad. Ouch!

Pablo Lopez on for the Twins and while he's pitched decently this year, it would be nice to see a dominant performance today, just for the enjoyment of it all. Erick Fedde on for the Whities, and he has actually done well this year considering.

First Pitch: 6:40

Freealonzo's "Take it to the Credit Union" surefire winner: 10 Strikeouts for Pablo López

2023 Game Log 30 – Twins at White Sox

Twins at The Rate for the first time this year against the comically bad White Sox. White Sox have spent the first month of the year mixing poor pitching and lousy batting to their usual menu of atrocious fielding which unsurprisingly has led to a sub .300 record. You hate to see it.

Michael Kopech on the mound for the Whities and even though the Twins can bring out the ass bats with the worst of them, hopefully Kopech's 7.01 ERA and 1.71 WHIP will strike no fear in Twins batters hearts. Joe Ryan puts his undefeated record on the line and looking to add a league leading 6th win to his 2023 totals.

Looks like a chilly but dry night for baseball on the Southside tonight. First pitch scheduled for 6:10.

Twins Lineup:
DH - Byron Buxton
2B - Jorge Polanco
SS - Carlos Correa
LF - Trevor Larnach
3B - Jose Miranda
RF - Max Kepler
1B - Joey Gallo
C - Christian Vázquez
CF - Michael A. Taylor

2023 Game Log 11 – White Sox at Twins

Ten games in and I think we can see a definite pattern here. Twins starting pitching is pretty good and the hitters not so much. Ten games is practically the definition of SSS so I'm still in a wait in see situation, especially as it relates to pitching.

Old Twin friend Lance Lynn on the mound for the Whities and he's been terrible this year, again SSS but he has an ERA of 9.0 and a WHIP of 1.90. Yikes! New staff ace Pablo Lopez on for the Twins and I'm really looking forward to see how he does at Target Field.

Should be a gorgeous night for baseball and given game times this year, you can wrap up this game and move directly to Twolves-Lakers without missing a beat!

First pitch at 6:40.

Twins Lineup

2022 Game Log 161 – Twins at White Sox

Game 161, the season is mercifully coming to an end. Except for a 6 week period or so in April-May, this season has been pretty disappointing. Here's some of my notable disappointments.

1. The inability to develop a bullpen.
2. Rocco being super concerned about pitchers going through the line up a 3rd time but replacing the starter with a reliever who can't get through the line up the first time.
3. Carlos Correa having a meh season when the Twins were competing and going lights out when they were out of it.
4. Lots of young good hitters who don't seem to have a natural place in the field
5. Trading for pitchers who are hurt
6. Poor execution on the basepaths
7. Poor execution with men on base

First Pitch at 7:10 from the Southside.

Twins Log 154 – White Sox and Twins

Finally, we've circled this week since the schedule came out over the winter. Six of the last nine games against the White Sox to determine who would be the AL Central Division champs. These two teams have been eying each other all year long and finally it's put up or shut up time with the winner off to the playoffs. There is nothing more thrilling that play-off like baseball in September.

Bailey Ober for the Twins and old friend Lance Lynn for the Whities.

First pitch at 6:40 but buckle in, these next games are going to be epic.