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2022 Game Log 161 – Twins at White Sox

Game 161, the season is mercifully coming to an end. Except for a 6 week period or so in April-May, this season has been pretty disappointing. Here's some of my notable disappointments.

1. The inability to develop a bullpen.
2. Rocco being super concerned about pitchers going through the line up a 3rd time but replacing the starter with a reliever who can't get through the line up the first time.
3. Carlos Correa having a meh season when the Twins were competing and going lights out when they were out of it.
4. Lots of young good hitters who don't seem to have a natural place in the field
5. Trading for pitchers who are hurt
6. Poor execution on the basepaths
7. Poor execution with men on base

First Pitch at 7:10 from the Southside.

Twins Log 154 – White Sox and Twins

Finally, we've circled this week since the schedule came out over the winter. Six of the last nine games against the White Sox to determine who would be the AL Central Division champs. These two teams have been eying each other all year long and finally it's put up or shut up time with the winner off to the playoffs. There is nothing more thrilling that play-off like baseball in September.

Bailey Ober for the Twins and old friend Lance Lynn for the Whities.

First pitch at 6:40 but buckle in, these next games are going to be epic.

2022 Game Log 84 – Twins at Whities

Twins back at it at the Rate against the stumbling White Sox. It would be nice to keep the boot on Chicago's neck so that they go away quietly this summer, but not so bad that TLR get's fired. It's a fine line to hew.

Chris Archer back up for the Twins and while he rarely if ever gets past the 6th inning, he's been a decent back of the order guy. I just wish the Twins had more front of the order guys in their pitching stable. Kopech on deck for the White Sox and although his win/loss record doesn't reflect it, he's been decent this year with nearly a strikeout an inning and a 1.03 WHIP.

Apparently Josh Winder will be starting. Chris Archer has been scratched. I may add more here if I find out the reason./

First Pitch at 7:10, but it looks like nasty weather heading toward Chicago. This game may be delayed or postponed.

Twins Lineup
1B - Arraez
DH - Buxton
SS - Correa
RF - Kepler
2B - Polanco
LF - Kirilloff
3B - Miranda
C - Sanchez
CF - Celestino