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Twins Log Game 114 – Paler Hosers at Twins

Oof, another drubbing by the White Sox. If I had some time I'd love to see what the run differential has been between these two teams this year. Thankfully not a lot of games left against the Sox.

Griffin Jax on the mound for the Twins and he's been a nice little addition in mid to late summer. Not sure what his long term prospects are but at least he's not in the J.A. Happ territory. Dallas Keuchel on the mound for Chicago and he's been a decent of the back of the rotation guy: gives the team a chance to win and eats up some innings. Twins could use someone like that.

First pitch at 7:10

Twins Line Up
CF - Refsynder
LF - Rooker
DH - Donaldson
C - Garver
2B - Arraez
1B - Sano
3B - Astudillo
RF - Kepler
SS - Simmons

2021 Game Log 112: Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins

Tornado sirens are going off as I type this, so hopefully I won't be blown away before the game.

It's gonna have to be the tornado that blows me away, because these Twins aren't going to do it! They are coming off a nice series against the Astros, but the White Sox have not been kind to the Gemini this year. Something called Beau Burrows is getting his first start today against Giolito. Is that an opener thing? Dunno. Does it matter?

Uh, go Twins!

Twins Game Log 83 – White Sox at Twins

Assuming the rain/storms predicted for today hold off or are done, White Sox back at Target Field for 2nd game of a three game series. White Sox have actually been fairly pedestrian lately but their stranglehold on the AL Central hasn't lessened, mainly because every other team is bad too, including the recent 1-9 Cleveland baseball team.

Jose Berrios on the mound for the Twins looking for his 8th win. Carlos Rodon for the Whities and he's been pretty dang good this year with a .94 WHIP and 122 Ks already.

First pitch at 7:10 assuming no rain delays.

Twins Lineup
3B - Arraez
2B - Polanco
DH - Cruz
LF - Kirilloff
C - Jeffers
RF - Kepler
1B - Sano
CF - Celestino
SS - Simmons

2021 Game Log 77 — Twins at White Sox

It's the first of 7 6 games against the White Sox in the next two weeks and with the Twins at 10 games under .500 and 11.5 games behind the Sox, one would normally think who cares, GOSO right? But the White Sox are struggling: losing 7 of their last 9 games and the numerous injuries they have suffered are finally catching up with them, especially at the plate and in the field. So if the Twins are going to salvage the season, the time is now.

Meada v. Geolito so should be a fun pitching match-up. Twins have actually fared pretty well against Geolito as he has a 5-7 record with an ERA of 4.74 and 77 strikeouts in 14 appearances against the Twins in his career.

First pitch as 7:10 although there is still some chance of rain. I have a feeling they will try to get the game in regardless.

Twins Lineup
LF - Arraez
3B - Larnach
RF - Cruz
DH - Cruz
CF - Kepler
2B - Polanco
1B - Kirilloff
C - Jeffers
SS - Simmons

2021 Game Log 40: White Sox at Twins

Twins about to complete 25% of the season and I doubt few thought they'd be where they are right now. It's quite apparent that the Twins don't match up against the Whities as they have been outscored 42-17 over the past four games.

Big Mike on the mound, and like most of the pitching staff, he's been disappointing at worst and inconsistent at best. Whoa, late pitching change. Bailey Ober (?!?) in for the Twins, Pineda moved a day. Bailey Ober is a righty. that's all I got on the guy oh and he's 6'9". Lance Lynn for Chicago and he's been really good. Too bad he didn't pitch like that for the Twins a few years back.

Should still be a nice night for a ballgame and I think I need to get to one soon. Maybe next homestand. First pitch at 6:40p.

Twins Line-up
2b -Arraez
3B - Donaldson
DH - Polanco
CF - Kepler
1B - Sano
LF - Larnach
RF - Garlick
SS - Simmons
C - Rortvedt

2021 Game Log 39: Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins

Sorry, gang, I don't have a lot of time to rap with you today. We mentioned a feeling of hopelessness warshing over us on the podcast (*ahem*), so it's hard to know how to approach following this team. I guess I'm not ready to give up on this team with every fiber of my being, but maybe with most of them for now.

And hey, if this game sucks, I know a great podcast you can listen to...

2021 Game Log #33 — Twins at White Sox

The first of some 19 games against the hated White Sox begins tonight in Chicago with the Whities looking down upon the Twins from their first place perch. After a slow start, the White Sox have been maybe a little better than what everyone thought they would be with a pace toward 96 wins.

Kenta Maeda on the mound for the Twins after coming off a nice outing last week. Dylan Caese for Chicago and he had an excellent 6 inning, 1 hit, 11 strikeout performance against the Reds.

Would be nice for the Twins to start righting the ship against a division rival so should be a fun series. Also, I know it gets ripped a bunch but "The Rate" is a fun little ballpark to watch a game and they've definitely made it more fan friendly over the years. I know HJ and DG have been there a few times but I would strongly suggest checking it out if you ever make it to Chicago. I am hoping for a trip there myself in July.

First Pitch at 7:10p.

Twins Line up
LF Arraez
3B Donaldson
DH Cruz
CF Kepler
2B Polanco
RF Larnach
1B Astudillo
SS Simmons
C Rortvedt