2023 Game 111: AZ at MN; Celebrate Good Times

Come on!

This weekend the Minnesota Twins will be inducting Joe Mauer into the Twins Hall of Fame, and the celebration starts tonight with some stuff, I assume. The induction happens on Saturday (and I'll be at the game!). So this weekend isn't so much about the 1st place* Twins, as it is about one of the best catchers to ever play the game. And we get to claim him. So that's fun.

Tonight Merrill Kelly pitches against Bailey Ober. Who wishes Joe Mauer was catching him.

12 thoughts on “2023 Game 111: AZ at MN; Celebrate Good Times”

  1. You'll have to pardon me if I travel with Stanley Tucci to the regions of Italy we'll be seeing this fall during the ballgame.

    Also, yes, I would like to see Joe catching Bailey.

      1. Strike zone was more of a rhombus than a rectangle tonight. Lots of guys having a word or two after called third strikes. MAT got hosed the worst on a strike three call that was way low.

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