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After I got out of the hospital last summer (Duodenal Ulcer with Complications), and was relearning how to walk, I started this deal where I would get different people to go for walks with me.   Most of the walks were from my house up and around the paths in Elizabeth Park (just down the street) or down 199th St. in Scandia.

After more than a year since I started WWB, I've walked with 64 different partners (including 4 dogs) - of course I spreadsheet this.  Many of them have walked with me multiple times, usually 2.2-3.2 miles - I try to vary the route each time, and we go out rain or shine.

Let me know if you are around and would like to join me (Hartford or Scandia).

So Nation, what are you up to for exercise lately?

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  1. So I haven't talked about it here or anywhere really but due to my misadventures in Peru with HAPE and long Covid, I had issues with an irregular heartbeat. Of course there are drugs for that which basically slow your heart down. Good news is no irregular heart beat and low heart rate, etc. Bad news is they also slows down your metabolism, and makes it difficult to do engage in high level activity (Doc said it would be difficult to "shift into 4th gear, much less 5th"). Also felt lethargic physically and mentally. So guess what? I gained weight.

    About a month ago I told doc I wanted something different and he changed BP meds and eliminated one. So I'm feeling better and have been more active. Bike riding more and finally heading up to my beloved Superior Hiking Trail for 2 days of hiking Friday and Saturday. I'm not ready to run with Stick Saturday mornings, but maybe next year.

    1. Glad to hear you’re doing better and I trust you will enjoy the Superior Hiking Trail!

    2. Walking is an option!

      Good on you for getting back at it. I remember you losing weight years ago and I admired your active lifestyle.

  2. Bo - let me know when you’re planning to be in Scandia. It’s quick little half hour drive I’d be happy to make to take a walk. bmjohnson327 at hotmail

    1. Will do, sounds great. Booked for November Thanksgiving week, but might also sneak out in October for maintenance weekend.

  3. Its been 2-1/2 months of having access to good gym equipment and I've probably gained about 10 pounds, so that's going well (having the equipment to do leg day has been great). I don't get to get out on my bike as often as I'd like now that I have to go into the office, but despite gaining about 30 lbs over the past year since starting creatine, I'm still putting up good times. I also had my yearly a couple weeks ago and my A1C is holding steady at levels lower than most non-diabetic people, despite the added bulk.

  4. I am three weeks into having a new dog, a border collie. He's not insanely energetic like some of his breed, so he's done fine so far with a long leash walk every day and a hike through the dog park every other day. I got lazy when I didn't have a dog to exercise every day anymore. The new dog seems to be helping with that lot, good for my physical, mental, and emotional health.

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