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While in Scandia, I've been cleaning out scads of stuff:  basement -> garage -> recycling.  Today was spent cutting out SSNs and account numbers from old papers so I don't have to burn them in the Firepit (PITA).

Came across this (from an earlier family cookbook I did a while back).  See how well you do with no help from the I'webs.  Honestly, I couldn't even remember some of the answers.  A lot are obvious.  Some you'll never get.  Spoiler guesses.

1.  26 = L of the A.

2.  7 = D of the W.

3.  1001 = A N.

4.  12 = S of the Z.

5.  54 = C in a D (with the J's).

6.  9 = P in the SS.

7.  88 = P K.

8.  13 = S on the A F.

9.  32 = D F at which W F.

10.  18 = H on a G C.

11.  90 = D in a R A.

12.  200 = D for P G in M.

13.  8 = S on a S S.

14.  3 = B M (S H T R).

15.  4 = Q in a G.

16.  24 = H in a D.

17.  1 = W on a U.

18.  5 = D in Z C.

19.  57 = H V.

20.  11 = P on a F B T.

21.  1000 = W that a P is W.

22.  29 = D in F in a L Y.

23.  64 = S on a C B.

24.  40 = D and N of the G F.

25.  76 = T in the B P.

26.  50 = W to L Y L.

27.  99 = B of B on the W.

28.  60 = S in a M.

29.  1 = H on a U.

30.  9 = J on the S C.

31.  7 = B for S B.

32.  21 = D on a D.

33.  7 = W of the A W.

34.  15 = M on a D M C.

35.  13 = P on a C O.

36.  0 = P E has this E N.

37.  66.5 = L of the A C.

38.  28 = B in the H F.

39.  500 = M away from H.

40.  33 = Highest D of S R of F M.

41.  16 = R in the P C.

42.  364.4 = Length of H B in S.


Phlegm hacking – exercise?

Back in Feb, I came down with a lung infection while in Minny.  A heavy dose of antibiotics cleared up the pneumonia, but it took a while to shake the nasal/coughing/sweats.  I thot I was in the clear, then two weeks ago it all started again.  The house doc at my company attacked it with an aggressive Prednisone regimen, which seems to have worked.

The violent coughing seemed to have caused a fractured rib, but that cleared up - must've been a muscle strain - and now there is much less pain.

Today I swam for the first time since 3/24, with no pain.

What are you Citizens doing besides shoveling snow?

One-upped by a Maine’ah

So I went to the club on Thursday to swim, and from the window I could see that some people were swimming, yet there was a sign on the Men's locker room door saying that the pool was temporarily closed. I donned my kit, showered, and went in to the pool, thinking at worst case I'd shvitz in the hot tub.

The pool was open (just minutes earlier), but the lifeguard said that it was only 70F (usually 81F), as they had just added a bunch of water and it hadn't heated up yet.

On with the cap and goggles, I descended into the cold pool. It was bracing.  I thought, Suck it up, Boyo, clicked 'Schwimmbad' on my Garmin, and proceeded to do my standard set.  I never did warm up.

Afterwards, in the hot tub, I was talking with another guy about the pool being cold.

He:  "Well, you know, I'm from Maine.  We swam in the ocean all the time.  It nevah got more than 56F but we didn't care." (i.e. we are real men)

So Nation, how's your New Year's Fitness McFithouse  going?