2023 Game 148: Twins at White Sox – Trending Up

Listening to the radio broadcast last night, Gladden made it perfectly clear that this was a White Sox team that would happily give the game away if the other team stayed close. Sure enough, a small lead turned into a laughable lead late. Will this trend repeat itself tonight? Hopefully!

Bailey Ober goes against the 1-8 Jesse Scholtens. It seems like usually the assbats come out against guys like Scholtens, so hopefully that is a trend that isn't repeated.

25 thoughts on “2023 Game 148: Twins at White Sox – Trending Up”

  1. Ober made one start for the Saints on September 9. Twins giving him lots of rest at the end of season.

    1. I called it out to my kids that Lewis was batting with basesload. They all just said "grand slam," in knowing fashion.

  2. its going to get to the point when Royce Lewis is up with the bases loaded, they are just going to throw up the 4 fingers

  3. I like his odds to break that record. The Twins are playing bad teams for the next two weeks so that means lots of runs.

      1. I'm going to go out on a limb and say I think they're going to win the division, and probably for at least a few years.

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