Happy Birthday–November 3

Jim McCormick (1856)
Larry Kopf (1890)
Homer Summa (1898)
Johnny Keane (1911)
Bob Feller (1918)
Ken Holtzman (1945)
Dwight Evans (1951)
Larry Herndon (1953)
Bob Welch (1956)
Paul Quantrill (1968)
Armando Benitez (1972)
Kyle Seager (1987)

Johnny Keane managed the St. Louis Cardinals from 1961-1964 and the New York Yankees from 1965-1966.

There do not appear to be any players with connections to the Twins born on this day. It should be noted that, while Homer Summa is a great name for a ballplayer, he didn't homer very much.  He had only 18 career home runs in ten major league seasons.  He did, however, have a lifetime batting average of .302.  Maybe he should've been named Single Summa.

We also want to wish a happy anniversary to the Dread Pirate and Mrs. Pirate.