21 thoughts on “November 18, 2023: This. Is. Minnesota!”

  1. The Estrellas game against Aguilas does not have a report at this writing.

    Caribes defeated the Cardinales 5-4 in ten innings. Willians Astudillo was 2-for-5. Victor Reyes led the team in batting, going 3-for-5 with a double. Tomas Telis and Jose Fernandez were each 2-for-4. Antonio Pineiro was 2-for-5. The win went to Llarvis Breto (1-1), who retired the only batter he faced. The save went to Andres Sotillet (2), who pitched a scoreless inning, walking one and striking out one.

    1. It's theater night for us, Company at the Orpheum. I'm not familiar with it but Sondheim is a pretty solid bet.

      1. Lots of whistle time for the refs last night. Though seeing the pups win was pretty outstanding. Lots of Minnesota fans in attendance. Tough loss for the hometown crowd.

          1. I was VERY confused for a second until a quick wiki-ing revealed I was thinking of Jeff Foster, not Scott

  2. Heck of a hockey game at the Herb last night as SCSU beat UMD 2-1. It was back and forth, up and down the ice all night, good skating and passing, physical but clean. Then in the third period the Huskies killed off four minutes of a five minute major before giving up the tying goal. The Huskies came back and scored with just two and a half minutes left on the clock to take back their lead. With just a minute and a half to go the Bulldogs went on the power play again (36% conversion rate) after a Huskies penalty and pulled their goalie for the 6-on-4 attack. SCSU put on a brilliant display of defense to keep their one goal lead. With seven seconds on the clock and UMD in control of the puck, a scuffle erupted along the boards around the blue line after St. Cloud cleared then got an offside call. St. Cloud won the faceoff and just as the clock ran out another melee broke out along the boards by the Husky's bench. Quite the wild finish, and there's a chance some additional penalties will be assessed before tonight's game. That's five straight conference wins for the Huskies. They're a young team (three frosh centers) and lost a lot of senior strength from last year, but they're playing with a lot of confidence and looking pretty good now after a rocky start.

  3. The Tweeter is really kicking out the ads today. I'm guessing to either quickly horde some ad revenue while they can or just to prove people are still advertising with them.

    1. As great as his shot making has been the the five games or so, I’m more impressed how he has eliminated almost all of the demonstrative complaining after no-calls. Would love to that continue. His D has been much improved, as well.

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