27 thoughts on “December 3, 2023: Catch Up”

  1. Okay, so where I grew up it was mostly the Catholic kids who put ketchup on their eggs. Not sure why that was a thing but it actually was, we'd even tease them about it on the playground when there were no nuns around.

  2. As I was growing up, we would all put ketchup on an egg sandwich. Toast, over-medium egg, government cheese and then ketchup. Never catsup, but that is another story. We never put ketchup on our eggs if we were having a traditional breakfast with the toast on the side. Now, my family and I will put sriracha or Cholula on our eggs at home. Never used to until we started travelling a lot for hockey. The continental breakfasts at most hotels feature the dullest, blandest eggs in the culinary world. I used to have to add hot sauce just to choke it down.

    On another ketchup note, we used to make mac and cheese with just water (as we never had milk or cheese in the fridge) and we would "season" it with ketchup. I am not sure if that practice was started by twayn's peers or if it was us, but I know it lasted in our fraternity house for years after I left.

    1. One of the craziest arguments my wife and I ever had was about how to prepare Campbell's Tomato Soup. My family always made it with water because cheap but my wife's family made it with milk. Her way is absolutely more better, though. Hot sauce on eggs is okay in my book, one of my favorite meals is a Denver omelet slathered with Cholula. I don't recall seasoning mac and cheese with ketchup, that must have come after my time, but more than once I had to use ketchup to sub for spaghetti sauce.

      1. Wait, what? Tomato soup with milk? Never happened in my home growing up, nor now. I guess in the restaurant business, I have made homemade tomato soup with cream, so it makes sense. This conversation, in general, is a great example of how much the world has changed. When I was a kid, we had about a 6 year stretch where we built a lot of our meals around government food programs and whatever cheaper ingredients we could find at the store. Interestingly enough, I find myself making dishes like Hot Tuna Casserole (canned tuna) and Goulash (featuring generic canned tomato soup) at home for my family for old times sake.

          1. The weird thing is, the only soup my parents ever made was bean and ham. It was ok the day it was made, but man, a day or two later it was out of this world. Kind of like homemade chili... always better a few days later. Also, my parents felt saltines were a luxury we could not afford.

            1. I make a killer ham and bean soup (no-longer-secret ingredient: bacon grease). Once week in college I was so broke I had to eat nothing but that soup and homemade baking powder biscuits for five days. The only break I got was when a roommate who worked at Pizza Hut (Father Knute) brought home the leftover salad bar, garlic bread, and a large pizza to not pick up that he had us order under a fake name one night.

              1. The last few times we had a ham, I made some delicious ham bean soup with the ham bone. It was really good, but the kids were not fans of bean soup, and my wife wouldn’t eat the leftovers, so I ended up with way more than I could ever eat.

                So, when we had ham last week, I decided to make collard greens with the ham bone instead. It was the best collards I’ve ever had.

                I’m the only one here who will eat that, too, but at least a pot of collards is an amount of food I can reasonably eat before it goes bad. I’m already looking forward to having that for lunch now.

                1. Last winter, while I was working with the local brewery consulting on their food launch, I made collard greens as part of a Nashville New Years buffet for a special event. I had never made collard greens, but they turned out awesome. One brewery employee was from Nashville and she said "best collard greens ever". I also made black eyed peas, and they also turned out great.

                1. Nah. Besides the questionable topping selection (get that nuclear relish away from me), I'm anti-"food that is a sloppy disaster to eat". This includes sammiches/burgers that are far larger and/or overstacked than necessary and the like.

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