February 8, 2024: Wired In

I forgot my wireless headphones the other day so I had to break out my old wired ones. Within 20 minutes I had them ripped out of my ears after they got caught on a door handle and buddy let me tell you that I did not miss that one bit.

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  1. An update on Mom A, plus a little venting, which I thank you for allowing me to do.

    To be honest, I don't know where we are with Mom A. Some things are better, but some are not. We consulted with an infectious disease specialist by telemed, and she thought there was a good chance Mom would recover. The local providers, however, think there's a good chance that she won't. It's very frustrating to get mixed signals like that. Who am I supposed to believe?

    To be fair to the local providers, they may have just been trying to get me prepared in case things don't go the way we hope. But look, I've already lost my dad. I've done 285 funerals. I know people die sometimes. I've been living with the possibility of getting a call about one or both parents for years. I don't need someone to prepare me. I also don't need false hope. I just need people to be honest with me.

    For now, I'm choosing to believe the infection disease specialist. Am I believing what I want to hear? Yes, to an extent. But she is a specialist--it's not like I'm trusting a psychic or a fortune teller or a politician. And besides, if she's wrong, we'll know soon enough.

    Anyway, please continue your prayers, and thanks for letting me vent.

    1. I appreciate your open honestly, Padre.

      It hard when you don't know what's going on. The unknown can be so much worse.

      Here's to the best for you and MomA.

    2. Will definitely be praying.

      My mom was in the Mayo at the end. Her doctor was an expert in her disease. At one point, we were told she would never wake up and wouldn't even survive the trip to hospice center. My dad moved her anyway.

      The next day she was coherent and able to walk around. Totally made us all question the decision to move her to hospice.

      I don't think anybody knows anything at a certain point.

    3. You and your mother have been and will continue to be in my prayers.

      I very much hear your frustration too. I was recently was helping a client make some decisions with regard to his mother and literally within half an hour one provider told him she would probably not last long and the other said a full recovery was likely. It's simply impossible to make any decision in such a situation, and your frustrations are well-founded.

      1. It's times like these that I am thankful that my parents have (mostly) done all the necessary estate and advance directive planning, and that we have also done these things.

        If you are a parent and have kids, my humble advice is to seek out some estate planning and advance directive assistance now, when you don't need it. From someone trusted or recommended by trusted parties. Like Philo!

        Also, and importantly, continued good wishes, Padre.

    4. So Jeff, you've been to the river and seen the possibilities that could happen. You've gone further than many in dealing with the situation. There is a time for everything. My thoughts are with you as you go thru this.

  2. Maybe no blackouts for half of teams next season.

    “Realistically, my target to having a digital package I can take to market would be for the ’25 season,” Manfred said at the conclusion of an owners meeting outside Orlando.

    Manfred was referring to a package that would give fans a way to watch games in-market.

    MLB will handle three teams this year and three more teams, including the Twins, are free agents (again) next season. There's four more teams under contract for future seasons whose streaming rights aren't owned by Diamond. I'm hoping a third of the league is enough to convince Manfred to go forward.

    1. There is nothing stopping him from declaring Blackouts a mode of operation from a simpler time and do away with them. But I guess thats a step too far

      1. The blackouts exist because of the cable contracts. Teams wanted more money so allowed them to happen. Far be it for me to declare contracts sacrosanct but Manfred would. It would be a litigation nightmare to unilaterally end them.

  3. Interesting trivia question seen today on the Bookface.

    Name the 4 players in MLB history who both homered before turning 20 and after turning 40.

    They gave one for free: Ty Cobb. I have no idea of the other 3.

    1. Spoiler SelectShow

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