February 10, 2024: Ascension

Admittedly, the NYT does have a pretty sweet suite of daily puzzle games. I'm there every day. I just started doing the spelling bee one and finally got my first "Genius" level. Boo-yah.

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  1. I'm sad to see that Seiji Ozawa has died. His conducting a recording of Mahler's 1st Symphony that I found at a local library as a kid went a long way in adding to my appreciation of classical music.

  2. A well known Twins blogger sitting at the bar in my joint with 2 of his buddies. He told me a move is in the pipeline and should hit in the next few days. They rattled off a handful of names they confirmed it won't be. Keep an eye on your feeds.

    1. Hmmm. I'm going on the assumption that pitching is their top priority and I don't see a big free agent signing in the cards. We have some decent outfield depth, especially if Buxton actually does play in the field again this year. Be interesting to see what the front office can cook up.

      1. He is now saying it is a trade the Twins are trying to finalize. So, it really could be anything. You never know with this front office.

        1. The Twins blog editor whose name rhymes with Splat Suemud confirmed that Shins Peak thinks something will be happening.

            1. I'm not following the Q.C. reference, but yes, he is the editor in chief for Twins Daily, something Brewers related and something Cubs related.

  3. Mrs. Twayn has been having some recent issues with her eyesight (binocular vision dysfunction) and this week had an MRI to see if it could be neurological in nature. We were on pins and needles waiting for results but she got a call yesterday that everything is normal. It's nice to have tumors and clots and aneurisms off the table, but we still need to figure out what's causing the problem and if there's a good fix for it. Short term solution is to get new glasses with prismatic lenses. Oh, the joys of growing old.

  4. Right before my surgery we were fostering a puppy that had some pretty significant behavioral issues. We had her almost a month and made good progress with her and she got adopted right before Christmas. I'm happy she got a new home, of course, but I did regret that I didn't get to say a proper goodbye to her, she was gone before I got home from the hospital. I will now, though. Her new family got in touch this week and asked if we could dog sit for them while they take a trip out West, so she'll be back to chase the cats around in a few weeks. We did learn during our conversation that Rory was a reservation puppy (something they neglected to tell us) so that helps explain her resource guarding and her competitive nature. Her new family offered us $40 a day to watch her but I turned it down and negotiated a reciprocal dog sitting instead. Strategery.

  5. Megill credited that velocity improvement to his time with Minnesota, saying in 2022 that “the Twins have done a great job of really just making me understand myself and my body and everything. So there's a big factor that they put into the equation.” He credited learning the curveball (now thrown at 85.8 mph, one of the hardest curves in the game) that replaced his old slider to his time with the Cubs, and that pitch allowed only two extra-base hits last year

    Remember back not all that long ago when Twins coaching really didn't have a lot to bring to the pitching table?

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