20 thoughts on “March 1, 2024: A Little Better”

  1. Chanhassen boys hockey beat Minnetonka in the playoffs last night. Media is acting like it was one of the biggest upsets in hockey history.

    The two teams have played each other three times in the last thirteen months and this was the first time they didn't go to overtime. Sounds like a pretty even match to me.

  2. St. Cloud is three points behind North Dakota for the NCHC lead and would need to beat Denver twice and hope for ND to go winless in two games against Western Michigan this weekend to take the cup. I'd not take that bet without some really good odds. Otherwise, the Huskies rank #15 in the USCHO poll but #11 in the Pairwise, so a solid performance this weekend should get them into the tournament. I have tickets for Saturday's game, my college buddy can't go now due to rescheduled surgery so I'm taking the wife and making it a date night. Val's for an early dinner, 6:00 pm hockey game, then a half-baked Waldo's pizza to bring home.

  3. In other news, Elder Daughter and hubby are moving back to Minnesota at the end of the summer and the SIL wants to help me restore the old pickup. I found a fiberglass shop in Covina that has replacement beds for just $2500. If I can get one out here without it costing a fortune to ship I'm going to pull the trigger. I've been seeking and pricing parts and because of its age and model (1988, 4x2, standard cab, aspirated) the parts are pretty darn cheap (with some exceptions). I'm thinking I can bring in the whole project for slightly less than the original price of the truck. Stay tuned.

  4. Back to work today after my 12 day vacation. My son and I drove to Phoenix (actually Scottsdale) and back, while the wife and daughter flew in for 7 days. The drive down seemed a lot more manageable than the drive back. I slept hard for 9 hours last night. We had a solid vacation. Twice, during the trip, I tried pulling off of my medicine (see previous shingles comments). Both times, my pain level was near the worst days I have had. I did bump into a doctor who works at a pain management clinic a couple weeks ago. He told me if the pain is still there after my vacation, to come see him. I am hoping he has other options for me as I really need to get off this medicine. Basically, it makes me feel stupid. It is messing with my head big time, but it is the only thing right now that suppresses the pain enough for me to sleep more than and hour or two. I can't only take it at night, because it only works if I take it 3 times daily. If I miss a dose, the pain returns and it takes a day or two of doses to calm it all back down. On the drive back yesterday the pain decided to center on my shoulder blade area and it was so bad I could not use my left arm to steer at all. So... one more appeal to you all... if you had chicken pox as a kid, you may want to think about getting the shingles jab.

    1. I was told I had the good fortune to get chickenpox twice. I don't know if that means I'm extra protected against it now but I'm biding my time until I can get the shingles vaccination because I don't want any fraction of shingles itself.

    2. I got my first vaccination last Friday with minimal issues -- I got real tired that night and had a sore arm for three days. I hear the second shot can be more...consequential. I'll get that one in May after our Colorado trip.

  5. I like to think I know the Twins' system fairly well, but I have to admit I've never heard of Hobie Harris. In fact, when Atteberry said his name, I thought he was saying Toby Harrah was pitching for the Twins, and I was really confused. Hobie Harris is apparently a thirty-year-old righthander who appeared in sixteen games for Washington last year. He's the second "Hobie" to appear in MLB. The other was Hobie Landrith, a backup catcher who played in parts of fourteen seasons (1950-1963). I remember having a Hobie Landrith baseball card when I was a little kid. Of course, there is also Hoby Milner, who has been in the big leagues since 2017 and is currently with Milwaukee.

  6. If you like Jeter-bashing and JoePos run, don't walk, to read him today. Hilarious.

    And at the bottom, well, here you go:

    Jimmy Rollins, minus-434

    Larry Bowa, minus-404

    Jose Reyes, minus-346

    Leo Cardenas, minus-302

    Edgar Renteria, minus-300

    Those five kind of stand apart defensively. I hate to see Rollins there, but the numbers are the numbers. Rollins’ range fell off a lot after he turned 30, as tends to happen to most shortstops, but in truth he never had great range. There’s more to defense than just range factor, of course—this is simple, back-of-the-envelope math—and by more advanced numbers, Rollins was a very good defensive shortstop in his prime.

    So, there you have it… oh, wait, I forgot someone.

    Derek Jeter, minus-1,213 PAA.

    Yeah, that’s right. Derek Jeter made TWELVE HUNDRED FEWER PLAYS than the league-average shortstop would be projected to make.

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