April 18, 2024: Lost & Found

I misplaced my wallet last summer. I was pretty sure it was somewhere around the house, but I wasn't able to find it. I could (mostly) pay for stuff with my phone and I was monitoring my accounts for any weird charges, so everything was mostly fine. After a week and a half or so, I gave up and replaced all the cards and IDs and moved on with my life.

On Monday, I received a hand written card from a grocery store in an area I'm occasionally in, but not often, saying someone had turned my wallet into them. I stopped by there yesterday and they indeed had my old wallet in pristine condition with all inventory accounted for. The person working there when I stopped by didn't know anything about it but I am very curious how it ended up there ten months after the fact.

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    1. Oh man. Replacing the hand-me-down 2002 Buick last year was an eye-opening experience in the continued experience of getting hosed on just about every facet of economic existence in this country. I thought for sure buying my first new car would include at least being able to pick my preferred trim & color. Nope. At the end of the process I had my third choice trim and fourth choice color, at the Costco price, plus a mandatory “options” package that cost mid-four figures.

      And I bought out of state because a number of southern Wisconsin’s Toyota dealers with inventory were involved in some kind of collusion where they agree not to sell to anyone outside their county or a 15 mile radius of the dealership.

  1. Last year I was at Gen Con. One morning I went to a vendor to purchase a soda to start the day and noticed my Discover card wasn't where it usually is. Start panicking, go to lost and found, call my wife, tell her what happened. My daughter asked me if it was somewhere else in my wallet. Wife said because of where I was I should probably report it lost with Discover before it gets in the wrong hands. So I do so.

    Five minutes later, I look in my wallet again and find it tucked away in a different spot. My daughter still hasn't let me forget it. And once you start the ball rolling with a lost card, can't take it back.

    1. I was in Salt Lake City on business last month. On the last day of meetings, as I was grabbing my box lunch, I noticed my wallet was not in its pocketses. Sudden flash of panic, can't fly without ID, I'm f***ed. Run back to meeting room and look everywhere. Call the hotel to see if I left it at the restaurant after breakfast. Waiting on hold, remembered my bag was in the bus that brought us to HQ from the hotel and I had to get it out before the bus left for the first airport run in case I had to go back to the hotel. Walked out to the bus to get my bag and thought, might as well check the seat I was in on the way over. Bingo. Man, what a relief that was.

    2. A couple of years ago a group of us were traveling across Iowa in our little British cars. We stopped at a small town gas station for gas and snacks, we're gassing up and Bob tells me he can't find his wallet. I ask him a couple of times, did you check all your pockets ( he's wearing cargo shorts) and he says yes I've checked all my pockets. So we start searching his car, it's a TR3 so there's not a lot of places to look. The rest of the group comes out and start taking his car apart looking for his wallet. One lady is calling the state patrol to report a lost wallet on the road in case the find something. After about 10-15 minutes of this Bob announces he found his wallet, it was in a different pocket from where he usually puts it. The "lost wallet" was a recurring joke the rest of the trip.

  2. I signed up for the Minnesota e-bike rebate program (50-75% of cost up to $1,500). Spots are limited, but if I get picked I'm pulling the trigger.

  3. If you want some baseball on a night with a light MLB schedule, super-prospect Paul Skenes is pitching for Indianapolis against the St. Paul Saints tonight.

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