May 29, 2024: Woof

That was ugly, but I'll take it.

KAT and Ant definitely had good games and we wouldn't have won it without them, but my official shoutout goes to Jaden. The stat sheet will not show how important he was to that game. Also, Bite Bite was playing that game like he didn't want it to be his last, and was also huge.

19 thoughts on “May 29, 2024: Woof”

    1. This series really isn't that far off from a 4-0 Wolves sweep. The Mavs won the first three games by a combined 13 points, I think? Without the stupid mistakes and with even just average shooting, we could easily have swept it. It's been so frustrating to watch.

      1. That "we can't review and obvious foul while reviewing and reversing an out of bounds call" in a one point game will always gnaw at me. I get not reviewing every non-foul call, but why if in the course of a review of a different issue, if they see a foul, the call can't be reversed. You don't have to assess a foul in the play, just no reversal. Then we're at a minimum 2-2.

        1. Yeah that's a no-win situation for the refs. If on review they found the reason the ball went out of bounds is that the defender shot the player in the face with a gun, it would still be out of bounds.

          1. In the WNBA, they can give the ball to the team that knocked it out of bounds if the replay reveals a foul caused them to lose the ball. No foul is called.

            There's no reason to not have the save rule.

    1. I've thought that, too. It can't be any fun to be a punch line. Yes, he brought a lot of it on himself, but quite often our biggest problems are problems we bring on ourselves, and it doesn't make them any easier to deal with.

    2. He’s had ample opportunity to show he’s not the arrogant, stiff-necked malpractitioner he’s shown himself to be, so I guess I feel worse for his colleagues who are tarnished by association.

      1. I find myself trying to recall if, in addition to the continuous awful calls, he's a show-boater or not? It's one thing to be so awfully wrong - which he frequently was - but it's another to be the ump show. Those are the ones who really irk me.

  1. Speaking of officials, Scott Foster is getting called out for extending the series, but it sure seemed to me like he was doing his best to end it with a sweep.

    1. Sorry if it's homer-y, but for sure. Two guys both pulling on KAT's arms while he was taking a three and nothing, while the Wolves got called for breathing on guys over and over again. Then, that BS call on Luka's insane three.

      1. I don't think there was anything outcome-determinative, and the reffing has been fairly evenhanded, but there's been a slight Dallas-favoring overall. It probably feels a lot worse given the offensive goaltending rule and the b.s. "we can't review missed fouls" things (and Tony Brothers T-ing up Kyle Anderson). If those things hadn't happened, I don't think I'd really have too many complaints.

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