June 8, 2024: B&B

I bought a jar of sliced pickles from the store for the purpose of makin' sammiches. However, I didn't realize that I had bought bread and butter pickles until after I took a bite. Yuck.

35 thoughts on “June 8, 2024: B&B”

  1. One of Elder Daughter's best friends used to sleep over when they were kids. No matter what the meal was, she would ask for pickles with it. Nice kid, strange taste buds.

  2. I love most pickled things (particularly pickled beets & peppers), but loathe bread & butter pickles.

    What are some of the Nation’s favorite supermarket pickle brands? I’m partial to Grillo’s dill pickle chips for burgers & sandwiches.

    1. Bubbies, by a mile. They are as close as I have ever found to my grandmother's dills.

      Claussen are ok.

      I like to make my own lacto-fermented, garlic dills. But I don't have good luck with them in summer, even in my relatively cool basement.

  3. Sorry everyone, you lost me at "pickles". I don't even know what a bread and butter pickle is. I do love dill flavored potato chips every now and then though.

    Runner daughter taking me to Furiosa today as an early Father's Day gift.

        1. I have no idea who Doug Corbin is. My general assumption, when that happens, is that it's a pop culture reference that I've completely missed.

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