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2024 Game Log 9 – Dodgers at Twins

Eight games means we are already five percent done with the 2024 season and what can we glean from those 8 games? The Twins ass bats are in full non-glory. Three hits yesterday and 18 straight outs to finish the game would normally be eyebrow raising, but unfortunately pretty much sums up the way the Twins have been hitting this year. Eight games is also practically the definition of SSS so hopefully a change is afoot.

Louie Varland back on the mound tonight hoping to build off an ok season debut. Tyler Glasnow for the Dodgers so Twins batters not getting a break (8 hits allowed this year while facing 66 batters).

Freealonzo's "Take it to the Credit Union" surefire winner: Parlay time! Ohtani HRs=2; Jose Miranda SO=2

First Pitch: 6:40p

2024 Home Opener: Cleveland Guardians at Minnesota Twins

Buckle up, citizens, it's going to be a long ride. The Twins come north to tee off their 2024 home season today against Cleveland sporting a 3-2 record but losing Royce Lewis to injury. Looks like he'll be out at least a month or more with his quad strain. It's always hard to say how the season will turn out this early, impossible really, and spring training is a poor prognosticator, but I've seen a few encouraging things so far. Except for that Easter shellacking from KC, we've look pretty good. Correa appears to be back to full health, his Willie Mays catch running toward the left field wall yesterday gives us a glimpse of what we'd hoped for last year. Again, with the exception of Baily Ober the starting pitching has been solid. And I'll give a shoutout to Griffin Jax out of the bullpen, who took a bit of abuse from me last year. His stuff is wicked, and it looks like he got some bulldog injections over the winter. And hey, how good is it to see Byron Buxton patrolling centerfield?

The starting rotation starts its second cycle today with Pablo Lopez on the hill for the Twins, the Guardians counter with Tanner Bibee. In 26 starts last year he pitched to a 3.08 ERA and a 1.22 WHIP with 145 strikeouts. He did not figure in the decision in his first start. So that's it, I have to get dressed for the game and off to the ballpark.

Oh, one other thing. Scheduling the Twins at Brewers series for the first week of April is about as stupid as it gets. MLB must leave a lot of money on the table with its crappy scheduling algorithm.


2024 Game 5: Minnesota Twins at Milwaukee Brewers

Chris Paddack
Joe Ross

Paddack gets his first start after his second Tommy John and Joe Ross gets his first start since his second Tommy John. I'm wondering how often this has happened.

Announced attendance was 41,659. Pretty good for an early season, Tuesday afternoon game. MLB increased the difficulty for the getaway game: a Wednesday day game. This has long been my suspected reason why these games are scheduled for the middle of the week: guaranteed attendance boosts on hard to draw dates.

Julien 2B
Kiriloff LF
Buxton DH
Kepler RF
Correa SS
Santana 1B
Castro CF
Jeffers C
Farmer 3B

2024 Game Log 4 – Twins at Brewers

I get my bi-annual "why does MLB schedule two close rivals for mid-week series rant" quite early in the season this year as the Twins travel to Milwaukee to play the 3-0 Brewers. I'm sure there will be a smattering of Twins fans there so way to go MLB!

Louis Varland up for the Twins, and after last year's late season and playoff bullpen success, fans are wondering if that can translate into a starter role. If not, the theme for this year's Twins starters could be "Pablo and Ryan and then we're dyin'." Someone called Jakob Junis up for the Brewers, his third team in four years. Looks like a pretty good definition of a 4th starter.

First Pitch: 3:10p from Milwaukee


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O/U on Varland innings pitched: 5.1

Twins Lineup
2B - Julien
DH - Kirilloff
CF - Buxton
RF - Kepler
SS - Correa
LF - Wallner
1B - Santana
3B - Castro
C - Vazquez

2024 Game 1: Minnesota Twins at Kansas City Royals

Pablo López
Cole Ragans

Opening Day Lineup:
Buxton CF
Jeffers C
Lewis 3B
Correa SS
Santana 1B
Kepler RF
Farmer 2B
Castro LF
Margot DH

It's Opening Day. This winter may not have been too active but it was less dark than many previous offseasons of postseason failure. Buxton mans center, Lewis and Correa are on the left side of the infield, and a great pitcher opens the season for the Twins. Here's to the first win of 162.